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«Продвижение продовольствия.

The competitive advantages of the magazine

1. The magazine’s mission in the development of the food businesses

The analytical and educational focus

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” publishes analytical information, bringing an objective assessment of the industry and all its members, reflecting its trends, pointing benchmarks for further development. On the pages of the magazine an analysis of the market is publishing, an objective estimation, based on facts ratings of its player, is giving - their situation, prospects, militant actions, successful decisions and mistakes.

The magazine publishes exclusive marketing materials, designed to help, to develop properly and to implement promotional events and campaigns to attract consumer demand for building effective, efficient schemes of impact on consumer choice, to ensure sales growth. The magazine reveals the secrets of psychology and the impact on the subconscious, shaping his choice.

The platform for building business relationships

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” is the open platform for a dialogue among all participants of the food industry for the purpose of formulating and solving common problems, establishing business contacts, organizing direct sales. The magazine’s materials are designed to provide product’s awareness, to uptick its turnover and to create a positive image and reputation of companies, to implement loyalty programs for manufacturers and sellers.

The periodical takes upon itself a function of bridge between all the participants to the food business. On its pages the manufacturer addresses its offerings to the retail, and the representatives of related sectors (such as equipment, packing, ingredients’ production) – to the manufacturer. The magazine informs business about recent developments of the industry, new products introduction, and export policies of the foreign suppliers.

A social significance of the periodical

An important social role of the periodical is to provide a close link between manufacturers, retailers and consumers – on the one hand, and power structures – on the other. Reporting problems of the industry to the general public, focusing on the needs of the target audiences, informing players of the market about deregulations that are planning and that has already adopted, bringing to their analysis and discussion – all this provides the public importance of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.

2. The activities of the editorial staff for audience’s attracting

The activity

The team of the periodical takes an active part in the industry-specific events – forums, seminars, conferences, summits, exhibitions and presentations – not only as the media partner, but also as the active player of the market, as the moderator, the participant of debates or speaker. Thereby the magazine’s promotion as well as the targeted delivery of the next issue to the event’s participants is provided. The editorial staff develops a feedback form with the readers, on which basis a future policy is built, here there are topics for relevant materials also.

The periodical also reserve on the most specialized network platforms, attracting the attention of colleagues, partners and all interested online-community to the new materials. Electronic mailings to players of the industry are provided in order to inform them about current events of the latest issue, or about new video clips on the corporate channel.

The individuality

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” first among the domestic profile media appeared in the video-version within the frame of the exclusive video-channel. This decision allowed approaching to social networks and to video hosting service, taking a firm place in the global Internet network, and thereby to expand the target audience and to make the materials more solicited, popular and discussed. Video-clips that are created according the analytical articles of the magazine as well as according to the news item of the customers and the partners – it is another way to inform public about problems of the industry, to encourage market players and consumers to be engaged in dialogue.

In addition, the periodical has its own online-version – a decision that also has no analogues among the Russian press industry-specific. New, modern format of the magazine makes its materials publicly available, expands its geographic and capabilities of the consumers of profile information.

3. The social responsibility of the magazine, as a voice for the industry

The staff of the magazine bears responsibility before society for every published word, and is aware of this important function, assigned to it, fully. Unlocking the secrets of advertising technologies, ways of influence to the consumers’ minds and psychological impact, the periodical prevents the manufacturers of substandard products to use them at the same time.

With this aim the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” with the help of authorizeing inspection bodies publishes information about companies, in which production non-compliance to product quality were found. The materials of this kind are focused on trade organizations primarily, as well as on consumers – in order to block the feasibilities to sell low-quality goods through retail outlets.