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«Продвижение продовольствия.

The main rubrics of the magazine

The magazine’s readers are:

  • The general and the commercial directors of manufacturers and distributors of food and beverages, as well as the directors of the companies of related industries (packing, equipment for production, components and raw materials), working in the food market of Russia and CIS countries;
  • The top-managers of international, federal and regional retailers;
  • The leaders of professional associations and the top officials of the executive and the legislative Russia powers 

The Actual topicThe Actual Topic

The magazine publishes material, which the editorial staff finds the most interesting, in view of the events’ developments in the food market. It may be, as the development of marketing consultants, broadcasting from the pages of the magazine their vision of the market situation and forecasts of experts, who give an objective assessment of the industry.

РынокThe Market

The faces in the food market. Interview of the managers of the enterprises producing food products and beverages. Copyright materials about the specifics of a particular production.

The editorial materials on selected segments of the food market, dedicated to an analysis of the situation in a particular industry: the roles of the major players in segment’s forming, the marketing activities of the producers, their rankings and positions, the consumer preferences concerning specific brands, the successful and misleading advertising campaigns, etc.

NewsThe News

The presentation of new products in retail matrices of the manufacturers. Business deals of the producers. Announcing the most significant events in the life of the individual enterprise.

PracticeThe Practice

The editorial materials, providing alternatives for the various promotional technologies, the types of marketing communications, customized solutions, the types of advertising medias that can be selected by the market’s operator, depending on the purpose of advertising and strategic objectives. In this rubric the magazine’s editorial staff pays attention to the psychological aspects while developing advertising strategies, etc.

TechnologiesThe Technologies

Under this rubric the editorial materials covering the analysis of the mechanisms of a new product’s market launch, the method of forming the demand for goods and consumer loyalty to it, the principles of a company’s structuring, the laws of creating of a manufacturer’s positive image, the construction of business relationships within the industry, etc., are published

Market SquareThe Market Square

The faces in the retail network. Under this heading the interviews of the business enterprises’ directors, telling about working of their network, the product line policy, the requirements to the suppliers, the trade outlets’ marketing activity, are published

Here one’s can also read the editorial materials, covering the analysis of the trade concepts of the segment’s leaders. The materials of the marketing specialists, carrying recommendatory character concerning a work of a trade outlet with the buyers: the distribution of goods on a shelf, the control and the management of a consumer demand, how to work with a buyer, the organization of successful advertising campaigns, helping to attract traffic and so on.

В фокусеIn Focus

Under this rubric the editorial materials, telling about the discussion of the most pressing and important issues in the life of the food industry, are published. Under this heading an attention is also paid to the industry activities that contribute to business development - exhibitions, forums, summits, press conferences, etc.

Government regulationThe government regulation

The magazine publishes the legislative directives of officials, expert assessment of the legal structures of what is happening on the domestic food market. Here one’s can also read about the initiatives of the commerce state chambers and the community organizations concerned changes of situation in the industry.

World experienceThe World Experience

Here the editorial materials, describing the experience of the foreign countries concerning the development of the national food sector and the activity of the foreign trade departments of the, consulates and community organizations, promoting national brands to the Russian market, are described. The information about new technologies and innovative solutions in the advertising policies, successes and mistakes of the companies’ marketing strategies, etc is also presented under the rubric. Self-proposals of the foreign suppliers.