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The ice cream market and ways of its promotion

In the new August issue of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” burning for today question: “Whether the Russian ice cream will return the title of best in the world” is broached under the heading “The Market”?

A businessman as well as simple middlebrow will find a lot of interesting and useful information in the research article under the title “The Hot Ice”

The author of the material captures the gist of the problem, initially introducing the reader to the case. The data provided in percentage ratio relative to the ice cream domestic market ARE compared with the analogy of the west.

In Russia, consumption of ice cream has a pronounced seasonal nature, whereas in the west there is the ice cream in the refrigerator of typical consumer.

The reason is that foreign manufacturing companies have convinced their audience about the versatility of this product long ago.

Realizing this, domestic manufacturers have also decided to position their brand effectively in order to re-create the need of Russians in the ice cream.

To do this, the researches were being conducted to study the target audience, the consumer’s motivation and the competent marketing strategy was being developed.

The research’s results can be found in the article. The magazine: “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” provides a detailed gradation of the finished results: “The age picture of the ice cream’s typical Russian consumer”, “The structure of consumer preferences among male and female audience”. “Ice cream’s sales channels in Moscow”.

It was found that about 40% of the Russian consumers do not turn down the ice cream, but at the same time do not feel a specific need in the product.

Therefore, the manufacturers believe that their first priority should be to offer the potential buyers to a look at the quality of the familiar delights in a new way.

For example, to try to change the culture of the ice cream’s consumption, namely, “to persuade” a countryman to eat the product not on the street, but in the profile restaurant.

The problem is analytically comprehended in the material, the author’s forecasts are argued, the ways of solutions are offered.

All is stated at affordable, intelligible language that makes the material effective and interesting.

Read the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” – be educated entrepreneur, conscious consumers and make your own conclusions!