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«Продвижение продовольствия.

The market of axle-grease and spreads

20 grams of butter should be daily present in a man’s body for its full functioning.

The shops are full of brands’ variety.

How to make the right choices and not be winded round one's little finger? – read the analytical article “The King Sandwich”, published in the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”

Before the collapse of the Soviet Union the dairies produced an environmentally safe, affordable and delicious product without using modern technological contrivances and chemical additives.

However, such a production suffered damage, because 50% of the goods’ cost covered surcharges from the state budget.

Today the producer feels a lack of financial support from the state treasury.

Trying to keep the business afloat, the manufacturer is looking for a variety of devious ways that is often cause degradation of product quality.

Today 22.5 liters of quality milk are needed for manufacturing 1 kg of butter.

When the annual demand of the Russian population at the oil is about 1 million tons, and ​​it is made only 250 tons.

Avtor statʹi analiziruet slozhivshiesya obstoyatelʹstva, snabzhaya fakty rezulʹtatami sotsiologicheskogo issledovaniya i prihodit k vyvodu, chto situatsiya obuslovlena obshchyeĭ ekonomicheskoĭ retsessiyeĭ, snizheniem potrebitelʹskogo sprosa i peryeorientatsiyeĭ na bolyee deshevuyu produktsiyu. Odnako i zdesʹ my stalkivaemsya s ocherednoĭ problemoĭ: chasto pod nazvaniem «slivochnoe maslo» skryvaet·sya spred, chto yavlyaet·sya narusheniem prav potrebitelyeĭ.

The author analyzes the circumstances, providing evidences with the results of the sociological researches and comes to the point that the situation is due to general economic recession as well as to consumer demand’s reducing and a reorientation to cheaper products.

However, here we face with another problem: often spread lies under “the axle-grease” that is a violation of consumer rights.

The domestic manufacturers are trying to keep silent about the contents when the spread subjected ​​to all requirements of GOST is much healthier and tastier than low-grade oil.

There follows a number of issues highlighted in the article with the subtitle: “ To buy natural is not as easy as it seems".

The author offers to get acquainted with the most common cases of the axle-grease’s falsification, which, armed, you can protect yourself from buying fakes.

This is worth to emphasize, because in today's market the share of the axle-grease is about 25%, sandwich, cooking margarines and spreads occupy other 75%.

As it is written in the article the results of the social researches tell about the fact that 10 of 11 of axle-grease do not meet regulatory requirements and contain non-dairy origin’ fat.

All these violations are widespread and expanded, threatening food security.

That is why take the article “The King Sandwich”, presented in the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”, into consideration and be healthy!