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«Продвижение продовольствия.

The review of the August issue of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod &Prod”

There is a triennial active dialogue between suppliers and retail chains on the pages of the magazine “Promotion of food. Prod & Prod”.

The magazine is a kind of arena, where the trade experts, the producers, the public bodies and the authorities are met.

In the August issue of the magazine “Food promotion. Prod&Prod” every entrepreneur can find answers the today’s pressing questions as well as to get a lot of useful information.

In the new issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” is the question of the role of the power’s synergy between business and government in the economy of the regions under the heading “The Current Topic”.

To date, one of the multi-level market segments is a branch of the confectionery baked goods.

The entrepreneurs’ fight for new approaches to the attracting of consumers' attention to the goods – are described in the August issue.

Prevailing conditions makes the entrepreneur to find ways to produce quality product for competitive price and with that to be the win.

About butter’s falsification in the today market – read the analytical article “The King Sandwich”. Whether the Russian ice cream will return a title of the best in the world? What should be done to renew the lost glory? – get the answers to these questions in the article “The Hot Ice”

Currently, the consumption of soya meal is booming, but is there such a market at all? Read about current situation in the soya meal’s market in the material: “Neither fish nor fowl”.

The entrepreneurs can get valuable advice about “How to turn partners’ debts in real money" at the magazine’s pages.

A new rubric: “The edge’s Marketing” is opened in the August issue of the magazine “Food promotion. Prod&Prod”.

The articles and the analytical materials that are published under the rubric will help readers to gain a clear and complete picture of what's happening in the grocery market of the every country’s area.

You can learn the material “The Second Switzerland” about the features of the Altai Territory, “Going beyond” across the Kursk region in this issue.

Under the heading “The Practice” the entrepreneurs can get to know how to avoid the traps while persuading the publicity.

The material: “To Hold the breath”

Accompliments the theme, where is it possible to get a valuable advice about the creative approach to mainstream brand.

The rubrics “The Market Square”, “At The Focus", “The State Regulation”, “The World Experience” will help readers to stay afloat of the today's market and to be aware of new developments.

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”- be the first-class professional and come up with the time!