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Meat pockets market and ways of its promotion


Such product as meat pockets is very popular among students and retirees. This tendency is explained by an optimal balance of price and quality. In the February issue of “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” the article “The Frozen Demand”, which deals about this product, is presented.

Nothing could be easier and harder at the same time than the meat pockets, the article says. They are simple, understandable, and user does not want any radical changes. In this situation, producers have nothing to do than to stagnate or to seek breakthrough points. The meat pockets market is unique because it is located at the junction of two segments - made-up me at product and frozen products. In addition, market participants have to operate in a competitive environment. But, despite this factor and the financial crisis, this market segment still holds a leading position among frozen products. Price, simplicity of making and energy value are attracted meat pockets’ buyers rather than taste. According to studies, in large cities students buy the meat pockets in five to six times more than average consumer, and retirees – in three or four times. If to examine the metropolitan markets as a whole, than 73% of citizens who live in the cities with a population of 100 thousand people buy the meat pockets once every three months at least. Per capita consumption is oscillating around 4-4,5 kg a year over the past decade and this figure will be unlikely metamorphosed in the future. However, in rural zones and under -populated regions situation is different. In these regions, people prefer to make the meat pockets single-ha nded. The meat pockets can be classified as the national product, this product has stick in people's mi nds as a separate dish, and any experiments with it are not admirable. In this industry, to introduce a new recipe is rather difficult.

As reported in the article, growth of people’s incomes has led to the fact that consumers are beginning to pay attention not on the price but on the product’s mix with increasing frequency. In addition, the premium sector is worth of special study. Even before the crisis the meat pockets market of the highest price category began to loom quite clearly. The handmade product became its main component. The crisis affected this segment worst, reorienting the premium-buyers at high or even middle price niches.

According to the magazine, the Russian manufacturers of the meat pockets are still dependent on imported raw materials heavily. And regularly encountered obstacles in the form of customs barriers and protective duties against the underdeveloped domestic resource base lead inevitably to the end products’ appreciation.

Despite of all the vicissitudes in the market of the meat pockets’ producers, the editorial board believes that it is possible to predict one thing ce rtainly: the meat pockets will remain one of the main diet’s components of Russians. So, this market will be attractable for a long time yet.

Read the article “The Frozen Demand” in detail in the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” and you will become the owner of the most updated and exclusive information.