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The overview of the number 2 of 2011


The second in this year issue of “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” has come in the press. In a new number the magazine’s editorial staff has talked about major events, occurred in the food market since the beginning of the year, and has placed the market’s thrilling materials. The columns remained unchanged. “The Topical Issue” is presented with the article “The Product Overload”. Strategies and tools for product promotion are itemized in sufficient detail in the article. Here you will find classic and current methods, or promotional campaigns, stimulating consumer demand. You can also read how to manage the product’s lifecycle, learn the proven formulas of making the advertising concepts and the new methods of brand promotion. The editorial board continues to review the food market, conducts its own investigation of picture and changing in the market of food products and publishes the results of their work to readers. The rubric “The Market” consists five analytical materials for various industry segments. It is the over view of the market meat and sausage products, preserved  food and half-cons erves, meat pockets, the review of Russian market of tea and coffee.

Under the heading “The Practice” readers can learn the materials which deal about the consumers’ minds manipulating, about goods promotion and about and tools of the modern marketing.

From the rubric “The Technology” you can learn how do influence one another marketer and customer, and how does the aggressive advertising work.

In the materials of the rubric “The Market Square” very latest information about how to sell the unsalable goods is presented.

“The State Regulation” informs about the innovations in the legislation invariably. The international exhibition “Prodexpo-2011”, held in the February, is in the “The Focus” of the magazine. About the results of the Conference as well as about such notion, as the industrial tourism read the second issue of 2011.


In the traditional rubric “The World Experience” the editorial board of the magazine has presented the facts and assumptions con cerning the prospects of the European wines in the Russian market. This material may be particularly useful for Western wine’s producers, wishing to bring their goods to the Russian market.


Read the new issue of “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod”, and stay in  know about all the events in the food market.