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The Russian food market at the exhibition Prodexpo-2011


The International Forum Prodexpo is an authoritative guide to food producers over the past 18 years. At each exhibition the mega-project Prodexpo presents products, reflecting future trends in the food market, contributes to the development of the food sector of the Russian economy and supports national projects aimed to improve the lives of Russians.

As it was expected, the exhibition “Prodexpo – 2011” has become the highlight of the year for the food’s producers. The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” was the direct participant of this major event. The editorial board took a pro-active attitude. As a publication, which not only illuminates the events in the food market, but also participates in them, the magazine became a participant of many exhibitions and sparked considerable interest to its activities. And it is a natural position of the periodical towards audience, for which content is developing.

At the last exhibition the stocks of testing competition “The best product 2011” were taken. Over the 18 years of its existing of “The Best Product” has become the most prestigious testing competition in Russia. Under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation the company “Agroexposervis” is organized this event for home producers in order to promote their products to the domestic and foreign markets.

1625 samples of products from 512 companies were presented at the testing competition within a framework of the 18-th international exhibition of food, beverages and raw materials for its production in. Summarizing the results of the competition, 19 grand prizes, 240 gold, 252 silver and 160 bronze medals and 40 diplomas were bestowed.

As a result of the competition “The Choice of Networks” and “The Innovative Product” 33 gold and 14 silver medals under the category “The Mix Innovation” “The Packaging Innovation”, “The Innovation of consumption’s convenience”, “The Technology Innovation” were bestowed. In addition to medals and certificates, the winners were presented certificates providing them privileged sales promotion in the Internet from the product portal.

Within the framework of the “ProdExpo – 2011” the biggest business meeting of the food business - 6 Russian trade Forum “Supplier-2011. The Strategies of working with retail chains” was taken place. The forum brought together owners and top-managers of companies, managers and buyers of international, federal and regional retail networks, top officials of the federal ministries and professional associations. A Major Centre of Procurement Networks became the main event for the vendors.

Another significant event, navigating during the exhibition, - is 5 Russian Food Forum “Brand is becoming a hit. Technologies of the XXI Century”. The critical items concerning pricing, planning, and promotion of food brands, had being discussed at the meeting.

In addition to the food presentation All-Russian AlkoKONGRESS of the representatives of authorities, manufacturers and alcoholic beverages’ distributors took place at the exhibition. During the congress many critical issues as well as problems of re-licensing, a new procedure of excise’s payment by alcohol’s and alcoholic beverages’ manufacturers and other headaches of alcohol market 2011 had being discussed.

The 18th exhibition “Prodexpo” was running in a fairly tight schedule, every minute of their staying there, the participants tried to employ profitably. Everybody tried to introduce himself and to look at the others. Learn more about the exhibition and about its key takeaways you can from the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod”. Read current and exclusive content from the immediate and the most active participant of both the exhibition and all business activities that had being taken place within this large-scale Russian Event.