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Seafood and Preserved Fish Market and ways of its promotion


In the February issue of “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” an article “The Fish in the Bank”, telling about a very popular product among the population - preserv ed fish, was published. As it is stated in the magazine, the can products market exists in the circumstances of a high busin ess struggle of the two product groups - open preserves and half- conserves.

For all the similarities of these products, their differences are afte r all sufficient. While producing the half-con serve heat treatment, sterilization or pasteurization is not applied. Thus, the shelf life of such a product is smaller and the technology of preparation involves the use of a large number of dyes, preservatives and food additives. Vinegar is used in half-con serves more often.

For the production of the classic preserves cons ervative are not used, and thermal treatment is used. In the consumer’s mind the preserves are more useful product than the half-con serves.

As the editorial staff notes, because of the differences in production technology, the price of preserves and half-con serves should be differed significantly, but this is not always. There are a number of reasons for this which characterizes the specificity of the industry.

People’ love for the preserve d fish has survived since the Soviet times. Today this industry is not losing ground, and is growing with confidence. Even despite the crisis, the consumer’s interest to the co nservative has not decreased. This is due, firstly, availability, simplicity and energy volume of the goods. With the growing of the country’s prosperity buyer has not ceased to buy conse rvative, but just reoriented to more qualita tive product. Secondly, tinned  fish attract with fast cooking. It is especially noticeable in the large cities. Because of a lack of free time, many prefer to take bite rough -and-ready and the preserves are suitable for this perfec tly well. Another factor in the preserves’ success – is trust to the product’s quality. The view that the tinne d fish can be trusted and it does not harm health has formed in the population’ minds firmly.

According to the magazine, the Russian market of the fishery conservation has very bright future and good prospects for growth. At the moment, almost half of the demand - 45% are the natural preserves and half-cons erves, 30% of the buyers prefer fish in tomato sauce, the natural preserves and half-con serves in oil occupy 15% of the consumer demand.

According to some experts, if the state will support the industry, the good prospects are waiting for the fishery conservation market. However, as the magazine reports, the Government of the Russian Federation is preparing a bill that would equate the cost of red caviar to the cost of black caviar. Such solution can lead to the dramatic changes in the market.

Read the article “The Fish in the Bank” in details in the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” and find more about the local market of the preserv ed fish; you will also find information about how to promote these products and about the key market players in this article.