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Продвижение Продовольствия №08 2011

The charity, as an effective way to increase sales

The children with a hard life are the pain of any society. Today we often hear that this or that brand is overhung as a sponsor for the charity event, promising a part of its earnings to transfer to some child care organization.

Now each such structure is willing to prove oneself as a socially responsible business unit. Many believe sincerely that their duty is to care about children, but there are others business units are just trying to make a charitable positive image.

Today in our society, it is less and less possible to meet the information that is not carrying the advertising’s implication. The hundreds of thousands of the Marketing Specialists around the world are trying to sell a consumer’s attention not bothering of thinking about the morality. It turns out that all are growing dreaming of a global, but one day wake up and realize that their whole life has developed into the series of never-ending daily life, where the choice of the brand of the office’s plastic windows comes to the challenge of a global importance. This is where those are lying in wait for those for whom a human charity is only a successful way to make money.

The domestic market of the energy-tonics and ways of its promotion

Despite the fact that the experts have recognized the domestic market of the energy-tonics as one of the most dynamic and potential, it is still not known what to wait of these products. While the officials and the public decide what are the functional dinks: “living water” or “energy vampire”. These drinks are continuing to gain large audience of the consumers.

The domestic market of the energy-tonics and ways of their promotion are described in the November issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” in the article “The platform for flight-shot”.
To date, the major players of the market of the energy drinks in Russia are four companies: PepsiSo (AdrenalinRush’s drink), RedBull (RedBull and Bullit), CocaCola (Burn) and "Happyland" (the licensed brands RedDevi - the Netherlands, and “Jaguar” – the UK).

There was rather limited number of consumers of the energy drinks In Russia for a long time. The youth considered to be the primary target audience of the energy-tonics, just rather, only a certain part of it – the youth who is showing a certain focus of the interests and the rest’s style.

The new materials under the rubric “The Region’s Marketing”

In the November issue of the “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” the materials about the Poland’s export policy, which about had been published under the heading “The Region’s Marketing” has become one of the most interesting and fresh material.

Although the topic “The Region’s Marketing” have been developed in order to give an opportunity to the Russian regions to tell about its food industry in detail, this topic has become interesting for foreign trade departments attached to the foreign embassies.

To date, it has become very important to talk about own country and its food industry through the media profile, thus attracting the attention of wholesalers to their products. The magazine’s articles will tell about how it helps in establishing business contacts and trade relations between countries.

It stands to reason that the diplomats have decided to promote their suppliers. The Polish embassy had become the first that supported this program. Since the Poland presides at the European Union since 2011, it is interested in increasing export to Russia. Marek Ochepka – the Authorized minister – the Counselor of the Embassy of the Poland Republic in Moscow is in charge of the the program of promotion of the Polish products to the Russian market. Such approach says about caring of the country and maintaining of its interests, what improves its image as a whole. A list of the companies which are looking for the Russian’s partners is published in the magazine. And the Poland has a lot to offer. The Poland is one of Europe’s largest exporters of meat, including pork, beef and poultry. The dairy and the fish products, as well as the bakery products are taken a significant proportion at the structure of the Polish exports. In the Russia (because the import quotas of meat) the Poland is supplying fruits and vegetables, cheese, chocolate and some other products. The program of promotion of the Polish products and focus on the specific suppliers will be observed in the magazine in 2012 year.

The export potential of the Russian salad oil

It's not a secret that the less important positions in the Russian food portfolio export can be counted on the fingers. However, our country had been formerly one of the leaders in the global salad oil market, but in the modern history it survived a real boom. In the marketing 2002-2003 years, the exports of the salad oil was about 135 000 tones, exceeding the last year's index five times.

But nowadays there are the disturbing trends for the industry as a whole as well as for the Russian exporters in particular.

About the export potential of the Russian salad oil are telling in the article “The Sunflower Wind” in the November issue “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.

The Overview of the lollypops’ market

An increase of the stamp duty on the imported caramel gives the Russian producers the definite advantages and makes also life easier in many ways. However, in the case of idleness this way could lead the industry to a standstill in the future. The companies that are going to win their audience and to reach a new level of development, it is necessary to make the definite efforts as soon as possible.

The article “A Stick to the Cock” of the November issue of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” gives the answer the question “To be or not to be the domestic lollypops?"

The several months have been since the increasing of royalty on the imports of the Russian lollypops and caramel products. This royalty will have its force during three years and will be equal to $294.1 for one ton. While the consumers do not feel the significant changes of the prices for the favorite sweets, but, according to the experts, certain restrictions of freedom choice will not be avoided in the future. It is believed that the new royalty is one of the ways, designed to protect the economic interests of the domestic manufacturers of the lollypops and caramel. This advance has nothing to do with the products imported from Belarus, Kazakhstan and the less developed countries that have benefits of the domestic preferences of the Russian Federation, with the exception of Turkey and China.

The overview of the Russian grit’s market

With the growing of a wave of the Russians’ self-consciousness, and the exit from the economic crisis of special the traditional Russian food get more and more interest among the consumers. The domestic market of the grits marks the enviable dynamic features.

The article “To make a mass”, “A cake with the grits or the features of the national table” tells about their readers about the peculiarities of the domestic market of the grits in the November issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.

For a number of the objective reasons, the consumption of meat and the dairy products has fallen sharply in Russia. The domestic and the foreign investor are in no hurry to invest into the cattle-breeding industry, as its “buoyancy” requires at least $10 billion per year, while the crop husbandry “agree” for $2.5 billion only and what is not less important it requires a shorter payback period. As a result, the area of the seeds of the grain crops is increasing, and the market capacity of the cereals reached 2 million of tons in 2010.

The Russian market of sweet fizzy drinks

The sales’ volumes of the lemonades and fizzy drinks are continuing to advance. The established market’s oligopoly impedes the promotion of the new manufacturers’ products, and a fashion for a healthy lifestyle demonstrates the increasing interest of the consumers to drink the premium beverages.

The readers of the magazine’s November issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” in the article “The Bubble Mood” will get to know: what are the consumers awaiting from the sweet fizzy drinks. The niche of the fizzy drinks and the lemonades is one of the most intensive and is the fastest growing Russian market of the cooling beverages. About 75% of the Russian citizens buy sweet fizzy drinks at least sometimes. The frequency of the consumption of the lemonades is strongly depended on the season and the region’s climate. The hot summer of 2011 year made the payers of the described industry to increase turnout of the goods and to invent the original ways to promote their products.

Two competing international manufacturers: The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo have long been holding the leading positions in the non-alcoholic sector. The brands, represented by these companies, are relied on the mass consumers, so the other manufacturers are competing easily in the premium segment or in the lower price category.

The falsification’s problems in the Russian market

In Russia, the combating the counterfeit alcohol has always leaded up to the fierce polemic debates between the government and the private entrepreneurs, because, as rule, the used methods are infringed upon business interests significantly.

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” tells about the Russian market of the counterfeit products in an article “The Problems of an adulterator”.

The editorial staff is noted that perhaps the most irreparable harm of the counterfeit alcohol is the harm caused to a human health. Moreover, that any copycat is interfered to a human health, but there is also the probability of a fatal case. Another factor is the huge financial loss to the State because of the shadow falsification business.

However, the illegal alcohol drinks are not always a surrogate, which is harmful for a health. Moreover, according to the statistics, there are only 5% of the products in the market that sin the requirements for the products’ quality roughly. The rest of the vast majority of the counterfeit products is a common alcohol, which is no different from any other. The only difference: the counterfeit alcohol is much cheaper to the retail traders than the goods released from bond.

The review of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” №8 for 2011 year

 A new number of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” was issued in November of 2011 year. The magazine is becoming more interesting with each new release. It is expanding its themes and is opening up the new areas. “The Charity” has become the hot topic of the November issue. The curtain on “the market of a kind business” is opening in the article “A wage-rate to charity”. Today, more and more often one or another brand acts as a sponsor of the various charitable activities, promising to give a portion of the earnings to this or that babyish institute. How sincere this step is and what actually motivates these companies read under the rubric “The Hot topic”.

The Poland is describing in details about its export opportunities on the magazine’s pages. The cooperation and the prospects of the Russian-Polish relations is considered in the article “The Strategy of Engagement”, and “The Industry of the Hospitality" is characterizing the Poles as the hospitable people, who surprise the world of friendliness and cordiality.

The Overview of the markets f the yoghurt and the dairy desserts and ways of its promotion

 Thanks to the efforts of the manufacturers the dairy desserts are positioned as a kind of a unique selling proposition in the domestic market. The stereotype of an uncontested advantage of the sweet dairy products to other types of the desserts is adopted in the consciousness of the Russian consumer. With this a domestic buyer considers them a delicacy with a good reputation.

The overview of the yoghurt market and the dairy desserts as well as ways of their promotion is presented in the November issue of “Food Promotion. Prod& Prod” in the article “The trend to the desert”.

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