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«Продвижение продовольствия.

The charity, as an effective way to increase sales

The children with a hard life are the pain of any society. Today we often hear that this or that brand is overhung as a sponsor for the charity event, promising a part of its earnings to transfer to some child care organization.

Now each such structure is willing to prove oneself as a socially responsible business unit. Many believe sincerely that their duty is to care about children, but there are others business units are just trying to make a charitable positive image.

Today in our society, it is less and less possible to meet the information that is not carrying the advertising’s implication. The hundreds of thousands of the Marketing Specialists around the world are trying to sell a consumer’s attention not bothering of thinking about the morality. It turns out that all are growing dreaming of a global, but one day wake up and realize that their whole life has developed into the series of never-ending daily life, where the choice of the brand of the office’s plastic windows comes to the challenge of a global importance. This is where those are lying in wait for those for whom a human charity is only a successful way to make money.

It turns out that each person individually, after hearing the stories about the frauds, is not ready “to leave” with their money, because a man is not sure absolutely that money reaches the addressee.

This is what makes the charity one of the most effective “tools” in the marketing. This “tool” has increasingly become to use in the advertisement and the food companies use it in order to improve their image and, as a result, – to increase sales. Some are doing this with the open heart, but write about this never and do not even speak. The others, vice verse, make known the public about their activities, using such “promotion” at all of their public relations campaigns, while giving to the charity a very limited budget.

Where is the edge beyond which the speculation is starting? And whether is it there at all?

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” in the article “The take on the Charity” puts thee questions before its readers.

A help to children is a very strong PR that puts a person or a company to the absolutely next level. Especially, considering that the image of a social responsibility is increasing to the number of sales directly-proportional.

For some reason the consumers are responded to the allegations of the charity so strongly. Nowadays the world is far from an ideal that relieves the magazine’s editorial staff from the need to tell about the iceberg’s problems of the orphans in Russia.

No one can stay indifferent to the simple, naked inscription on the label, telling about that apart of money spent on the purchase of this product will go out to make life easier for those who are really hard - and this causes a significant increase in sales and increases interest to a brand immediately.

All the materials of the article are overfilled with the questions that every entrepreneur is answered for itself.

16 addresses of the non-state orphan homes, placing within the Russian Orthodox monasteries are posted in the article. It is a social program of the magazine, aimed to draw attention of the food business to the needs of these childish Institutions.

The editorial staff of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” are sure that the main thing in the mercy – is the mercy as itself, a charity care, which should be efficient and maximum boundary less. And if it is already necessary to provide the information about the peaceable things to the public, then it must be done honestly, respecting themselves, and with great modesty and delicacy. We are talking since about the human beings, but not about the heartless entities of the charity.

The social program of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” will be necessarily continued in the next magazine’s issues.