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The confectionery market and ways of its promotion

The modern industry of the confectionery product is a rich and multi-level sector.

Today entrepreneur, in a competitive environment, should know how to focus in the current market situation and to be aware about buyer’s tastes and preferences

The analytical article: “The Russian Cake”, presented in the magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod” will help you to stay “afloat”

The author of the material invites the reader to get acquainted with the circumstances the prevailing in the today’s market: its oversaturation, “lack of brands” and over-segmentation.

This is due to the regional production of this type of product cause the pastries have a limited shelf life and can not tolerate long-term transportation.

The confectioneries and bakeries with great technological capacity that are still operating in each of the regional centers are included to this issue.

This implies a wide range of products that includes several thousand names.

What things does a buyer look for when choosing products? – The author of the material envisages this question, while working on the sociological studies for priority criteria of the consumer preferences: quality, freshness, appearance, etc.

got acquainted with the buyers’ typology: the experimenters, the gourmets, the conservatives, etc. The above description of their behavioral characteristics will help entrepreneur to establish relations with the consumer market.
Now the widest choice of the confectionery products allows each group of customers to choose for themselves the best product.

However, in a competitive environment, there is a question of drawing buyer’s attention of to a specific group of products.

The manufacturers order the advertising. How much is it effective and what for do potential buyers draws the attention, read in the material.

Are there any prospects in the market of the confectionery baked goods? And how to gain export’s traction – there is a prognosis of the author of the material “The Russian cake gain traction! What small white loaf should be take to allure buyer”.

The magazine: “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” is a kind of vast indicator for the modern enterprise.Go with the times Do not fall behind t he times, choose the line together with us!