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The domestic market of the energy-tonics and ways of its promotion

Despite the fact that the experts have recognized the domestic market of the energy-tonics as one of the most dynamic and potential, it is still not known what to wait of these products. While the officials and the public decide what are the functional dinks: “living water” or “energy vampire”. These drinks are continuing to gain large audience of the consumers.

The domestic market of the energy-tonics and ways of their promotion are described in the November issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” in the article “The platform for flight-shot”.
To date, the major players of the market of the energy drinks in Russia are four companies: PepsiSo (AdrenalinRush’s drink), RedBull (RedBull and Bullit), CocaCola (Burn) and "Happyland" (the licensed brands RedDevi - the Netherlands, and “Jaguar” – the UK).

There was rather limited number of consumers of the energy drinks In Russia for a long time. The youth considered to be the primary target audience of the energy-tonics, just rather, only a certain part of it – the youth who is showing a certain focus of the interests and the rest’s style.

According to the sociological studies a portrait of the consumer of the energy drinks is opening in the article.

In the article “The platform for flight shot" describes diverse and large-scale marketing activity of the major players of the energy-drinks market in detail.

A significant increase in consumption of the energy-drinks has been seen during the last few years. The budgetary energy-drinks will become the accelerator of such dynamic as well as marketing activities of the key market players, that (according to the magazine) will separate them from the level of soft drinks to the certain segment’s market.

A highly competitive western market reacts to the new developments sensitively. The energy-drinks are quite popular abroad, but are under the strict state control. In Denmark, Switzerland, France the energy-tonics are available in a pharmacy only, and the attitudes of the public organs, as well as in Russia, are cautious. Therefore, the majority of the innovations in this area are aiming to the rehabilitation of the product in the eyes of the ordinary people: their composition is improving; the synthetic components are replaced with natural, he biologically active substances are added, etc.

The editorial staff notes that today's manufacturers of the energy-drinks are reaping the fruits of their short-sighted positioning. Initially, the buyer was believed the drinking of the functional drinks give him extra energy, vigor and vitality. At the same time the energy-drinks’ manufactures have forgotten to point out that this energy does not lies in a can directly, and are “loaned” from the body of a buyer.

There are also cases of the frankly speculative positioning of the other trading marks that are now resulted in strong associating of the energy-drinks with weak drugs and libido-modulators. Somebody in the invigorating soda see also a potential substitute of alcohol and its promotion equates to a stimulating the youth to a systematical drinking of alcohol.

The anxiety of the Russian officials, concerning a detrimental influence of the energy-drinks to a human body, is threatening to escalate into a real hysteria.

Recently there is more and more information in the mass-media about the fact that the energy-cocktails cocktails will be banned or limited in opportunities of the commercialization severely.

People are tend to be afraid of what they have a very vague idea. The numerous studies of the Institutes of Nutrition, Toxicology and Drug Abuse have still not given an answer to the question: whether the energy-drinks are helpful or harmful? At the same time there are no ponderous reasons to approve or to prohibit the commercialization of the refreshing cocktails.

The editorial staff of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” monitors actively all the developments in the food market, providing its readers the most recent and relevant information only.