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The effect of Doy-pack’s packing on purchasing power of the product

The modern world market seeks to minimize packing, making it more convenient for consumers, easy, profitable and environmentally safe. A stand-up pouch, made ​​on the latest technologies, meets the needs of producers the most accurately.

About such things as flexible packing wins Russian consumer preferences read in the article “The doy-packs are attacking” in the new issue of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.

The doy-pack – is the polymer packing which combines packing, label and measuring tool that replaces cutlery, noted in the article.
Today the North America is the leading country as for the number of innovative developments and design of stand-up pouches with a flat bottom. Various companies sell alcohol with heir help, batter for homemade cakes, organic baby food, yogurts, sauces, desserts, energy drinks and more.

Such flexible packing allows to present common product to in al simplified, convenient and ergonomic way.

Mayonnaise and sauce are hits of the domestic market in the doy-pack, says the editorial staff of the magazine. Analytics shows that the companies that produce tomato sauce, which had taken the risk and had brought in its manufacturing doy-packs, were able to improve its market position significantly.

However, the editorial staff noted, the stand-up pouch, is “contraindicated” to premium segment of the market. Packing must meet all the characteristics, stated by manufacturer: high quality, natural ingredients, taste, technical and other parameters.

The article gives examples of marketing errors that can reduce the benefit of doy-pack significantly.

As the editorial staff reports, the doy-packs were aimed for liquids initially, and only then, enterprising manufacturers of other commodities saw its other possible applications. The doy-packs have already found its place in the dairy industry and are gradually approaching to the juice.

The analysts of Pike Research believe that the ability of packing industry to adapt to the modern market and be responsive to the changing needs of producers and consumers allows it to go from the recession much faster than other segments of the global economy.

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod continues to acquaint its readers with the basic trends of the packing industry. The items of the packing’s influence for consumer choice will be also covered in the next issues of the magazine