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The export potential of the Russian salad oil

It's not a secret that the less important positions in the Russian food portfolio export can be counted on the fingers. However, our country had been formerly one of the leaders in the global salad oil market, but in the modern history it survived a real boom. In the marketing 2002-2003 years, the exports of the salad oil was about 135 000 tones, exceeding the last year's index five times.

But nowadays there are the disturbing trends for the industry as a whole as well as for the Russian exporters in particular.

About the export potential of the Russian salad oil are telling in the article “The Sunflower Wind” in the November issue “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.

“The world market of the salad oil dependents on many factors very much” – notes the author of the article. In addition to the weather and the geopolitical conditions as well as the conjuncture of the energy products’ market or the demand for bio-fuels are not less important for the described market. And since the salad oil is used not only for food aims, but also in the pharmaceutical, perfume and many other industries, the complex of the causes of this or that trends that are emerging in this market is extensive and varied. This article lists the circumstances that have been created the most favored regime for the domestic exporters and have cleared up the road for them almost completely.

At the moment, despite the evidence attractiveness of the current conjuncture, the Russian exporters are simply unable to take full advantages of the come way unexpected opportunity. And there are several reasons for this. More details get to know from the article “The Sunflower Wind”.

The independent experts and the market’s specialists are citing for the Russian exporters two scenarios: the optimistic and the pessimistic. The optimists believe that in the 2011-2012 marketing years, the volume of the Russian exports of the salad oil may exceed the mark of 1 million tons as a whole that will be an absolute record. This article describes those suppositions upon which the optimism of the market’s experts according to the growth of the export deliveries of the salad oil from Russia is based.

The pessimists look at the issue from the diametrically opposite points of view and predict to the Russian exporters rather difficult times. According to their estimates, the mass expansion in the world markets should not be expected in the near future. At a time when there is the world reducing the production of the salad oil not only as on the food, but as on the product of eco-fuel, perfume and varnish-and-paint product, the tendency to appreciation is undoubted.

Rising prices for the salad oil is forcing consumer to look for a more affordable replacement (for example, of palm, soybean and other oils). Recently this tendency of the salad-oil replacement can clearly be seen even in Russia, where, until recently, a buyer did not want to hear about any other salad oil, except sunflower and olive oil possible.

Which scenario would be brought to life – the optimistic, the pessimistic, or some other – time will show. Too many uncontrollable factors affect the market of the salad-oil.
The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” will tell its readers: what factors affect the other food industries. Here you will find the freshest and the most relevant information only!