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The falsification’s problems in the Russian market

In Russia, the combating the counterfeit alcohol has always leaded up to the fierce polemic debates between the government and the private entrepreneurs, because, as rule, the used methods are infringed upon business interests significantly.

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” tells about the Russian market of the counterfeit products in an article “The Problems of an adulterator”.

The editorial staff is noted that perhaps the most irreparable harm of the counterfeit alcohol is the harm caused to a human health. Moreover, that any copycat is interfered to a human health, but there is also the probability of a fatal case. Another factor is the huge financial loss to the State because of the shadow falsification business.

However, the illegal alcohol drinks are not always a surrogate, which is harmful for a health. Moreover, according to the statistics, there are only 5% of the products in the market that sin the requirements for the products’ quality roughly. The rest of the vast majority of the counterfeit products is a common alcohol, which is no different from any other. The only difference: the counterfeit alcohol is much cheaper to the retail traders than the goods released from bond.

The ambiguous writ of coran nobis of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation (Russian-alcohol-regulation) came into effect on January 1, 2011 year. A common sense of the amendments is added up to that the price of the alcohol will be significantly increased because of the raising of the excise taxes’ value over the next two years. The price hike is expected up to 10% for the hard liquors and for the low-alcohol (with the percentage of alcohol, not to exceed 9%) the price hike is planned up to 30%.

It is noted in the article that in Russia a huge amount of the resources are spent for combating the illegal alcohol every year. However, increasing the alcohol’s price is not leading to the desired results.

As the Rosstat is pointed, about 60% of all the hard liquors, sold by the trading networks, are related to the falsification, for one reason or another. According to the data of the above mentioned Department, the state loses about 40 billion of rubles from the sale of the illegal hard liquor annually. More than, this numerical character are not changing for the several years. These facts allow us to suspect the factories for the production of the alcoholic beverages in sales & distribution of the unregistered products, because the production of the counterfeit’s goods takes place in the same factories.

Along with the price increasing of the excise taxes, the government is actively using ad the other methods of regulation of the alcohol-containing products. What are they? Read it he article “The Problems of an adulterator”

Only in this case the tough and decisive efforts do not always yield the desired results, says the author.

In order that the illegal sector of the alcoholic beverages becomes the legitimate retail, the cost of the excise taxes should not be increased, because it only hurts the law-abiding distilleries and the small retail. Also the rash prohibitions lead to the quite unexpected results: thanks to the corruption the counterfeit market equalizes in the rights to the market of the high-quality alcohol. The information work with a population through a variety of warnings about the dangers of the cheap alcohol can have a positive result, while the low living standards is dictating its demands and suggestions on the alcoholic beverages in the certain regions.

What problems are faced with the Russian food market and how these problems can be solved knows the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”. The magazine keeps up with the time always and provides its readers the freshest food news only.