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The label’s role in the promotion of the product


The first wine-spirits labels were born three centuries ago and were intended to inform the consumer about a bottle’s content. Since then, with this useful discovery occurred dramatic changes. A piece of paper grew into a high-tech marketing tool, what it is today.

“Take a look and enjoy – Wines-spirits label as a marketing tool” is a hot topic of the new issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.

As the editorial board notes, the modern label besides informational, carries out four functions: advertising, accountable and preservative.

As it is reported in the article, well-designed label must match specific conformity, established over many years.

These are such common features as: colors, shapes and configuration of the packing, mix of the label package, a set of fonts.

The longest and the most severe “charter” has the wine label. It must contain information about vintage, manufacturer, quality and region of origin.

Collar label is the indicator of wine’s aristocraticism. There is no such element on the ordinary wines.

There is more democratic approach to vodka label. Usually there is no the collar label here, except for certain items.

As for color, it is richer at the wine label. It can have many shades of the pixel image.

The editorial staff notes that today most brands of the s market’s strong alcoholic beverages use a neutral label without the “genre pictures” and other experiments. It works on the memorability of the brand and fits well into any advertising concept.

One of the favorite marketing solutions in the design of the alcoholic beverages is using of names and portraits of celebrities, politicians, stars of show business and sports. The calculation is simple – to bring into a number of product’s consumers – the shape’s fans.

How does it work read in the article “Take a look and enjoy – Wines-spirits label as a marketing tool”. The magazine’s editorial staff proposes to get acquainted with the most interesting findings in this area.

It is difficult not to appreciate the genius of the marketing strategy of the American company The Amazing Food Wine Company. It translated text recommendations, stagnantly contained in the collar label, to the language of graphic images. The company named one of its brands “Wine that loves ... “. And then it is shown the things that this wine likes: chicken, fish, pizza and grilled salmon on each individual label. Lucidly and convincingly!

According to the editorial staff of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod”, there is a great importance of the design’s concept of the label itself for wine-spirits industry. It forms the spectator appeal to the product of the category and is kind of advertising vehicle for a particular segment. That is why, according to the magazine’s editorial staff, well-designed label has a large impact on the primary consumer choice.