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The mayonnaise market and ways of its promotion

You can learn about the situation in the market of simply irreplaceable product in the new issue of “Food Promotion Prod&Prod”. The Russians consume it at a rate of 400 - 600 thousand of tons for the year. Most of the salads we can not imagine without this product and a New Year's “Olivie” would cease to exist without this overseas sauce, the MAYONNAISE.

What is happening in the world of the mayonnaise’s manufacturers? The article “The Dictatorship of the Tradition” about the French sauce – the MAYONNAISE is presented the new issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.

As the author of the article notes, a potential of the market’s volume increase is completely depleted. The mayonnaise includes the diet of 92-98% of the Russians.

A refuse to take non-traditional recipes is a peculiarity of the mayonnaise’s Russian consumer. The Russians recognize three varieties of the mayonnaise only – “Provence”, “Olive” and “Easy”. A share of consumption of all other varieties of the product – flavored, enriched or fortified - does not hold even to 2% in the general structure of demand. This fact suggests that the structure of demand will be change unlikely in the near future. Thus, the leading operators have not so many tools in their competition.

In fact, an expansion of product offer is due to the variations in the percentages of fat and the development of the premium price segment exclusively. In addition to branding and traditional marketing tools – from television advertising to “networking” – by and large, only two additional resources of promotion are available to the mayonnaise’s manufacturers and suppliers.

These are product’s positioning as the most appropriate for today’s fashion trend for a healthy lifestyle and packing of the goods. But, there is virtually no culture of consumption, for example, of enriched mayonnaise or similar sauce with seafood in Russia. Therefore, although a following after the fashionable trend to healthy food has brought to the market’s operators a notable success, this direction has almost become obsolete and in any case does not provide a decisive competitive advantage to date. Thus, the packing plays much more important role in the successful sales of the mayonnaise than in many other sectors of the food market. This is, where almost boundless field for the providing of the most daring innovations is opened before the producers.

According to the author of the article “The Dictatorship of the Tradition”, the mayonnaise market has reached the limit of saturation’s degree and has a uniquely high level of competition. The products of the domestic enterprises are the basis of the proposals, but foreign and multinational companies feel quite free in Russia. The market capacity – is up to $1 billion. Taking into consideration the market’s specifics and the prevailing trends, one can suggest with a high degree of probability that further consolidation and globalization, integration of the leading players expects the market in the near future.

The editorial board of the magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod” will return to this topic in its following issues, and, based on own research, will provide readers with the detailed information about the most interesting marketing communications of the industry players.