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The new materials under the rubric “The Region’s Marketing”

In the November issue of the “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” the materials about the Poland’s export policy, which about had been published under the heading “The Region’s Marketing” has become one of the most interesting and fresh material.

Although the topic “The Region’s Marketing” have been developed in order to give an opportunity to the Russian regions to tell about its food industry in detail, this topic has become interesting for foreign trade departments attached to the foreign embassies.

To date, it has become very important to talk about own country and its food industry through the media profile, thus attracting the attention of wholesalers to their products. The magazine’s articles will tell about how it helps in establishing business contacts and trade relations between countries.

It stands to reason that the diplomats have decided to promote their suppliers. The Polish embassy had become the first that supported this program. Since the Poland presides at the European Union since 2011, it is interested in increasing export to Russia. Marek Ochepka – the Authorized minister – the Counselor of the Embassy of the Poland Republic in Moscow is in charge of the the program of promotion of the Polish products to the Russian market. Such approach says about caring of the country and maintaining of its interests, what improves its image as a whole. A list of the companies which are looking for the Russian’s partners is published in the magazine. And the Poland has a lot to offer. The Poland is one of Europe’s largest exporters of meat, including pork, beef and poultry. The dairy and the fish products, as well as the bakery products are taken a significant proportion at the structure of the Polish exports. In the Russia (because the import quotas of meat) the Poland is supplying fruits and vegetables, cheese, chocolate and some other products. The program of promotion of the Polish products and focus on the specific suppliers will be observed in the magazine in 2012 year.

The interesting materials from Samara and Leningrad regions complete the rubric.
The economic situation of the agricultural sector of the Samara region is described in the article “The Local coloration”. About five hundred large, medium and small agricultural enterprises, almost three thousands of the farm households and more than 280 thousand of the private farms are functioning in this area. For several years the complex of the agro-industrial complex is demonstrating the positive dynamics of the key financial indicators. The details read in the article.

Another area – Leningrad – is famous for the development of the food processing industry. This is one of the strategic sectors of the economy, which is designed to provide the population of the region with food products, required for their quantity and quality. Today it covers a wide range of the industries and joints about 120 enterprises of the different forms of ownership and energy of the total number of the twelve thousand of employees.

From the traditions to the latest developments of the agriculture sector of the Leningrad Region read in the in the magazine’s article: “In the best form”.
The articles and the analytical materials of the rubric “The Region’s Marketing” will help readers to get a complete picture of what's happening at the grocery market of Russian regions as well as about the intentions of the foreign trading partners. Thus, giving the tremendous PR opportunities to the foreign suppliers as well as to the Russian regions.

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