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The Overview of the lollypops’ market

An increase of the stamp duty on the imported caramel gives the Russian producers the definite advantages and makes also life easier in many ways. However, in the case of idleness this way could lead the industry to a standstill in the future. The companies that are going to win their audience and to reach a new level of development, it is necessary to make the definite efforts as soon as possible.

The article “A Stick to the Cock” of the November issue of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” gives the answer the question “To be or not to be the domestic lollypops?"

The several months have been since the increasing of royalty on the imports of the Russian lollypops and caramel products. This royalty will have its force during three years and will be equal to $294.1 for one ton. While the consumers do not feel the significant changes of the prices for the favorite sweets, but, according to the experts, certain restrictions of freedom choice will not be avoided in the future. It is believed that the new royalty is one of the ways, designed to protect the economic interests of the domestic manufacturers of the lollypops and caramel. This advance has nothing to do with the products imported from Belarus, Kazakhstan and the less developed countries that have benefits of the domestic preferences of the Russian Federation, with the exception of Turkey and China.

What the reasons have become of such harsh steps against the imported lollypops and how the situation will spin around for a consumer – read the article.

The Russian market of the lollypops is characterized by high concentration – large ratios of all sales are occupying four international companies: Chupa Chups, Mars, Cadbury and Perfetti Van Melle. The domestic representatives are not among the ten largest producers.

OJSC “The Moscow Confectionery Factory “The Red October””, OJSC “The Confectionary Concern “Babaev””, OJSC “The Rot Front” and OJSC “The Confectionery Factory named after N.K. Krupskaya” can be defined from the Russian companies, producing the candy delicacy.

The segment of the functional lollypops is almost completely controlled by the marks Halls (Dirol Cadbury), Vita-C (Dirol Cadbury) and Tunes (Mars). The leader of the sales of non-functional caramel on the Russian Trading Field is the company Chupa Chups, a share of which is almost half of the described market segment.

The lollipops are classified as the goods of the “impulse demand”, the most active buyers of which are children and the youth. This category of the consumers is bent on to make the instant decisions. They are also more susceptible to the advertising’s effects. The main difficulty for manufacturers is that the demand of such consumer is extremely unstable. Herein it is should not be forgotten about the target audience of the advanced age. Therefore, the aggressive marketing, which is focusing on the advertising, is used most often to promote a brand.

The article describes the examples of the successful campaigns reckon upon the consumers of all age groups. The article also shows a universal formula of the successful selling of the caramel products.

If the Russian manufacturers of the lollypops want to keep its consumer today and to develop successfully in the future, they just need to update and expand its product range, to introduce actively new packaging formats and to position their products more precisely. Unfortunately, to date, the most domestic companies are not showing a proper zeal, hoping for the absence of the competition due to the imposition of the increased stamp duty on the imported goods. Another question: Whether the Russian “kings of the lollypops" will reach a new quality level of sales for three years, assigned for them? The answer to this can give the time only.

These and other questions will answer the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” that is the guide in the food market.