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The Overview of the markets f the yoghurt and the dairy desserts and ways of its promotion

 Thanks to the efforts of the manufacturers the dairy desserts are positioned as a kind of a unique selling proposition in the domestic market. The stereotype of an uncontested advantage of the sweet dairy products to other types of the desserts is adopted in the consciousness of the Russian consumer. With this a domestic buyer considers them a delicacy with a good reputation.

The overview of the yoghurt market and the dairy desserts as well as ways of their promotion is presented in the November issue of “Food Promotion. Prod& Prod” in the article “The trend to the desert”.

As the editorial staff have noted, the dairy desserts fit into the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition perfectly. A buyer is convinced that a cottage cheese or a yogurt bring not only a gastronomic contentment, but the benefits to the organism as well. So a consumer believes that he cares about his health and improves the quality of his life.

The experts believe that the market of the dairy desserts is one of the most dynamic and margin. This group includes spoon able yoghurts and yoghurt drinks, puddings, cottage cheese mass, chocolate glazed curd bar, whipped and soft curds, cocktails and a soufflé.

Yogurt fills the most prominent place in the market of the dairy desserts. The Domestic producers and the foreign companies that are located in Russia have almost succeed to displace completely the imported yogurts from the domestic market. Finland, France, Estonia, Germany and some other countries-importing partners import to Russia a little more than four thousand of tons of the dairy treats.

The next largest market segment non-confectionary desserts are the sweet caseous products. These are chocolate glazed curd bar, curds and cheese mass, cream desserts and soufflés.

A special attention in the article is given to the chocolate glazed curd bars. The thick and sweet creamed curds, bathed on chocolate icing, are the brainchild of the Russian dairy production. There is no such product in the West. The history of the appearance and the features of the consumption of this product are described in the article in details.

The editorial staff notes, that the manufacturers have not been considered the older people as the target audience the of dairy desserts. Many manufacturers, attracting of the Russian consumers, have started from the childish audience. The brands attract children using the invented and the borrowed characters, as well as by using gaming and developing elements on a package. The experience of the French company Danone is described in the article in details. A few years ago Danone to increase the sales due to the children' consumer audience created a line of the dairy and the dessert products - “The Skeletons”. In contrast to the brand “Rastishka” designed to the children aged from three to six years, "The Skeleton" has to attract the younger children and children of the middle-school age. However, due to the failed marketing concept the trademark has received a harsh criticism of the consumers and the experts. Such marketing concept have been declared as the concept that hurts children’ psyche and has been eventually withdrawn from the production. Then the company decided not to take risks but to use the advantages of its already widely promoted brand. So “Rastishka” has become to grow up with their customers.

What changes have been suffered the consumers’ preferences according to the tastes of the dairy desserts during the last decades, what products the Russian buyers prefer most often who buys almost 90% of the dairy desserts and what the Marketing Specialists say about it, read in an article “The trend for the Dessert."

The Magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” is the ideal advertising platform for the promotion of the product.