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The overview of the new issue of the magazine №1 2012 year

A new issue of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” was published in January 2012 year. The publication has provided the wide opportunities for a dialogue between all sectors of the food business, confirmation of this are the numerous interviews of the market players, published on its pages. The chief executives of the food and packaging structures, of the logistics companies, of the exhibition companies, of the trading departments of the foreign embassies as well as the chief executives of the representative offices of the foreign companies of the legislative authorities is telling about their business.

The magazine has begun to take the status of the influential of channel of communication. Some tell about their company and their potentialities. The others raise the questions concerning the quality of the products supplied to the food stuffs’ retail stores.

The relevant article “The uniqueness of the writer's theme” is opening the new number. This article tells about the culture of the alcohol-drinks consumption. It is hard to imagine a more complicated direction in marketing and branding than the promotion of the hard stuff products. Here the pinioning the legislative restrictive regulations and the unpredictability of the consumers’ preferences, which are very intricate, are intertwining. And if there is a full life at the segment of “beer-vodka”, than there are depression and boredom in the wine and liquor marketing: here there are almost neither interesting cavalcades, the “brave” products nor the substantial numbers of the strong brands.

The ideas of ​​the healthy lifestyle and nutrition are under the rubric “The Market”. A reader can learn from the article “The Unachievable Trend” – The confectionary sweeties for the healthy lifestyle – how to combine the benefits and the taste of the honey delicacies in practice and how to convince a consumer that a better-for-him product can be tasty.

At the same time, the market of canned meat is experiencing the difficult times. With the growth of a personal well-being and the quality of life, the vector of the buyers’ interests is slowly but surely shifting towards more expensive products.

The further fate of the industry in many ways depends on: whether the producers can to create a more attractive image of its product, thereby ensuring its presence at market basket of consumer goods. "The importance of the promotion or tell a good word about the disadvantaged canned stewed meat" read in the article “The Restless Husbandry”.

The answer to the question “Can a Russian manufacturer of cheese to overcome the expansion of the foreign products? – a reader will find in the article “The liquid line” under the rubric “The Market”.

The fans of the sweeties can learn about the conditions and the prospects of the gummy-pastel’s market in the article “The Sweet Pastoral”.

Despite the non-attractive myths about the “dry” soba and soups, formed in the minds of the Russians at the dawn of the generation of the fast-food’s market, it has a huge potential for development at date. The manufacturers are strongly reversing a consumer’s attitude to their product, constantly improving its quality and introducing the innovative technologies. All about the fast-food products are in the article “Rough-and-Ready”.

The article “The special approach” adds the rubric “The Market”. It provides a comparative analysis of the market of the crispy products of the grain’s processing.

Several materials are published under the rubric “The Marketing of the Region” at once. The project of promoting of the Polish products to the Russia is continuing. The new materials about the export policy of the Romania, the Greece and the Germany have jointed the rubric.

The behavioral line-up while selecting the goods, as well as the neuro-marketing, as a modern tool of the promotion, is also described under the rubric “The Practice”.

A reader will find the materials about the development of the start-up projects in the current terms and conditions, he will recognize that the packaging – is a great way to gain the trust of a consumer under the rubric “The Technologies”; what are the anti-recessionary techniques of the manufactures, and how does the participation in the international exhibitions improve the company’s image and its recognition – read under the same rubric.

 The editorial staff is again raising the question of using the charitable campaigns of the food manufactures under the rubric “In Focus”. The editorial staff is continuing its social program of the drawing attention of the business to the needs of the orphanages, attaching to the Orthodox monasteries, publishing the information about the 16 shelters.

The ways of the promotion of the imports confectionery bakery products to the Russian market are revealed in the final article of the number – “The Overseas Tricks”.

The January issue of the magazine is qualifying especial for the editorial staff’s participation at the exhibition Prodexpo 2012, which is going to take place in Moscow in Expo-centre on Krasnaya Presnya from 13 to 17 of the February.

The participants of the event and its visitors can get acquainted with a new number of the magazine within five days of the exhibition. The editorial staff hopes that the readers will find a lot of useful information in this edition.