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The overview of the number 3 for 2011

Despite the fact that according to assurances of the government sector the crisis had been over, and the development began, not many food companies can reach the pre-crisis sales of its products. It is connected with the sluggishness of consumer, whose life quality has decreased considerably as well as with the lost of dealer network. Many enterprises have to recover, and some even have to build everything from scratch. The items of the development of the food industry’s several sectors are considered in the latest issue of “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod”. Read in this issue:

The cheese market – a keen competition among manufacturers, the main prospects of the further development;

The juice market – stabilization of the segment of the juice products, real position of the product and future projections;

The catsup market – a situation of stagnation in this sector, as well as possible ways out of this situation;

The Beer market – the decumilation in volume of sales and the key ways to promote the beer market;

The market for vegetable oil - causes and consequences of the slowdown in the market of vegetable oil, alignment of forces of the major manufacturers of this segment;

The meat market - causes of an unfavorable situation in the segment of meat products, as well as real prospects and possible projections for the near future.

Forward in the issue, one of the most topical items for the moment – is a linear dilation in the circumstances of today’s market realities. The linear dilation – is not an easy process, which relies on an intricate and complex inner world of a consumer. But to move in this direction is important, cause is life itself is dictated it. Of course, if there is a wrong choice the chances for a success fall dramatically. According to the author of the article, it is much more interesting to work in the market of branded products with unique properties – it is supposed higher margin and customer’s loyalty.

The attention is paid to positioning of goods in a competitive market under the heading the practice. For any manufacturer a benchmark for the consumer is the most important. However, how to calculate the motives whence a private buyer is governed while choosing a product and how to change the point of view on a product that is not in demand.

A unique instrument of export policy – the international exhibition is considered under the heading the technology. There are the problems and the prospects of entrance Russian food to the foreign market. Solving problems in this area is possible only when using a systemic approach, which is, compulsorily, involves the organization of state support to producers and sound management of the export policy.

The trading area. What motives is an ordinary purchaser guided while selecting a product and how to change the point of view on a product that is not in demand.

The problems of domestic producers in the European market are highlighted under the rubric In the Focus. Whether the Russian manufactures are able to enter the European market and compete with local companies? What methods should be used for successful promotion of their products?

The world experience tells us about the activity of trading departments at foreign embassies in order to establish trade relations of their suppliers with Russian business. All this and much other can be read in the new issue of “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod”.