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«Продвижение продовольствия.

The overview of the number 4-5 for 2011

There is a new May issue of the magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod” – it is a real mix of interesting and useful information about the food market. You will learn very much new from this issue.

For example, about an appearance three centuries ago of a bottle label, designed to inform about the contents. Gradually, this goods’ “passport” was vested with more functions. The modern label performs four functions: advertising, accounting, fiscal and security guards.

Modern designers and marketers have full realized a power of the first function – the advertising.

Read the most current topic in the magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod” “Take a look and enjoy” about the most unconventional decisions in the transformation of the bottle label and turn it into a work of art. And have you wondered about the strength the bottle label?

The item of the domestic and export potential of the Russian alcohol market is discussed on the pages of the rubric “The Market”. About the fate of the spirit production of the domestic producers read in the article “The Painful Truth”.

A period of stagnation in the market of mayonnaise. What does the famous works of French chefs expect? About this read in the article “Dictatorship of the tradition”.

“The doy-packs are attacking” – the article informs about an evolution of the packing. There is no limit to perfection.

Under the heading “The Practice” the key objectives of advertising gimmick, its myths and hidden tricks are discussed. Do not let yourself be fooled.

Therapist, a member of the International Homoeopathic League of Bell Shternshis claims: “We have learned that it is hurtfully to eat fat-free products. For some time all Americans were becoming demented, they were eating fat-free products 0% or 0.5% only. And most people are overweight. It turned out, because people had been eating fat-free foods, they became even thicker. Is it true? And about the price of a wasp waist read in the article “Fashion at the waist”.

And do you know that the image of any product is based on the base of cognitive laziness and psycho-logic. And for consumer it is much easier to replace the logic with psycho-logic in order not to think but feel only? About the fashion tricks read in the article “The Image-therapy” of the magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod”

A soul wants holiday and fun? You were deceived by the experienced marketers too! A visitor becomes most involved in the process of sale with the help of a creative promotion. In order not to be keptt on a string read the article “An Hour of Fun” under the heading “The Market Square”.

About this and many other things read in the new issue of the magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod”.
It is fashionable to be informed.