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The overview of the Russian grit’s market

With the growing of a wave of the Russians’ self-consciousness, and the exit from the economic crisis of special the traditional Russian food get more and more interest among the consumers. The domestic market of the grits marks the enviable dynamic features.

The article “To make a mass”, “A cake with the grits or the features of the national table” tells about their readers about the peculiarities of the domestic market of the grits in the November issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.

For a number of the objective reasons, the consumption of meat and the dairy products has fallen sharply in Russia. The domestic and the foreign investor are in no hurry to invest into the cattle-breeding industry, as its “buoyancy” requires at least $10 billion per year, while the crop husbandry “agree” for $2.5 billion only and what is not less important it requires a shorter payback period. As a result, the area of the seeds of the grain crops is increasing, and the market capacity of the cereals reached 2 million of tons in 2010.

The major commodity groups in the Russian market of the cereals are highlighting in the article. These are buckwheat, rice, millet, oats, semolina, wheat and barley grits, peas, oatmeal, and corn.

The editorial staff notes that general state of agriculture is the main system-forming factors for the development of the market. The State Program of the Agricultural Development and the regulation of the agricultural markets, the raw materials and the foodstuffs at 2008-2012 years are providing an annual increase of the grits’ production as the strategic goods of the essential with the creation of the impressive state reserves in a case of the unforeseen events in the country.

The dynamics of sales of the cereals during 2006-2010 years describes in the article. Recently, there is a new tendency in the national field – the decline of the grains’ imports and the increase of its exports.

In fact, the fluctuations in the world grit’s markets in the direction of increasing the deficit is influenced this balance and this gives the additional impetus to the presence of Russian traders in the foreign trade networks. The most Russian regions are represented by the strong players in the cereals market. The article presents a list of the largest producers.

At the moment when the impact of the economic crisis is slowly dying away, the Russians are increasingly turning their attention to the quality of the cereals. Such tendency was not been noted several years ago. A today's consumer trend is the demand’s decline for cheaper, or, as they say, “gray” grits such as barley and the like. A buyer is stopping to count penny, and is giving preference, let us say, to the elite varieties of rice or durum semolina of a high grinding. The article describes the critical factors that affect to make shopping as well as about the Russians consumer preferences.

The rice is the Indisputable favorite among the grits for the domestic consumers. By the way, the round, despite its relative high cost, is more popular than long grain. In the second place in the ranking of the favorite grits is the buckwheat. Its position can be called completely firm.

The last few years are marking by the active struggle of the domestic and the foreign cereals’ traders “under the place under the sun”. What marketing tricks are used the main players of the of grit’s market? - See in the article “To make a mass” on the pages of the magazine.

More fresh and relevant information about the food market in Russia read in the new issue of the magazine “Food promotion. Prod&Prod”.