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The prospects of the Russian alcohol products’ export

In the new issue of “Food Promotion. Prod& Prod” tells about the prospects of the domestic and the export potential of the Russian alcohol market. In his article “The Painful Truth” you can learn about the problems in the alcohol industry and about the ways of its solving. A recent study of strong alcoholic beverages the market in Russia, conducted by the agency DISCOVERY Research Group, showed that the industry under the influence of the crisis environment had undergone great changes. During the period of the economy’s instability, most distillers of the beverages of “Premium” and “Super-premium” classes have almost gone from the market and the segment of the beverage of economy-class respectively had grown up, but the buyers’ attention switched back to the alcoholic beverages of high cost in 2011. Such change, probably, will contribute to the further monopolization of the industry, because the small players have insufficient funds for the quality goods’ production. To date, the largest manufacturers of the alcoholic beverages are the companies: “Topaz”, “Omskvinprom”, “Crystal”, “Tatspirtprom” and “Bashspirt”. Summarizing the results of the year, only “Crystal” showed the dynamic of growth and showed just due to an increase of vodka production to 16%. According to the author of the article, the wine and cognac market will attract more attention from the side of the state in the nearest future. As a result, separation of the law-alcohol products’ segment from the distilled spirits products’ segment will be probable. Rising of a minimum retail prices for alcohol will lead to an increase of sales of the underground surrogates as well as will refocus consumers on wine and other cheaper alcohol products of low quality. Nevertheless, the growth of the cognac market, especially the middle-price Russian products, is expected.

Activate market of the imported alcohol that is popular in our country has become the reason of the disappointing statistics and forecasts. Even vodka, the genuine Russian product, has become a leader among the total volume of the imported alcohol in the last year. Delivery abroad the domestic liquors, in contrast, doubled from 2.5 million liters up to 5 million liters. The proportion of the liquors in the overall share of exports is 16%. Nearly 6 thousand of liters of the Russian liquor were exported to the CIS countries this year, too. Evaluating the possibility of the exporting wine from Russia, we must recognize that Russia can not compete with the West, where there are great traditions and its secrets. A lack of the significant economic prerequisites of the quick prosperity and the investment’s return reduces the possibility of the competition with the imported products none the worse.

Unfortunately, the Russian manufacturers do not have targeted programs concerning the development of the international market space. Faced with difficulties in the local market and in the foreign markets, the Russian producers are trying to regain their former positions in the near abroad, particularly in the CIS countries, where the imported alcohol market is developed sufficiently.

Russia is still the country that is not prepared for the alcoholic products’ export. About the difficult situation in the Russian alcohol market and the painful truth read in the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.