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The review of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” №8 for 2011 year

 A new number of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” was issued in November of 2011 year. The magazine is becoming more interesting with each new release. It is expanding its themes and is opening up the new areas. “The Charity” has become the hot topic of the November issue. The curtain on “the market of a kind business” is opening in the article “A wage-rate to charity”. Today, more and more often one or another brand acts as a sponsor of the various charitable activities, promising to give a portion of the earnings to this or that babyish institute. How sincere this step is and what actually motivates these companies read under the rubric “The Hot topic”.

The Poland is describing in details about its export opportunities on the magazine’s pages. The cooperation and the prospects of the Russian-Polish relations is considered in the article “The Strategy of Engagement”, and “The Industry of the Hospitality" is characterizing the Poles as the hospitable people, who surprise the world of friendliness and cordiality. The researches of the editorial staff are focused on the sweet market under the rubric “The Market” in the article “The trend for afters”. Thanks to the efforts of the manufacturers the dairy desserts are positioned as a kind of a unique selling proposition in the domestic market. The sweet dairy products are fit perfectly into the idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle and a proper nutrition, but what will the Marketing Specialists will say thereon?

The traditional Russian foods such as porridge are appropriated a special interest of a consumer with the growing of wave of the Russians’ self-consciousness and the gradual exit from the economic crisis.

The Russians have become paying attention increasingly to the quality of the grain products, giving preference to the elite varieties of rice or semolina high meal. “To Brew a Mash or Barley Cake”, or the peculiarities of the national cuisine read in the issue of the magazine.

The article “The Results “of the buckwheat crisis” for a segment of the cooking package” is presented under the heading “The Market”. How has the crisis affected the consumption of the grits and their sales in the stores?

Despite the fact that the domestic market of the energy drinks is recognized by the analytics as one of the most dynamic and potential. It is not understandable what to expect from these products. The energy drinks in Russia, or how much horse-power read in the article “A Platform for Levitation”.

Under the rubric “The Market” in the article The Stick for a cock” tells whether the domestic candies will be or not. The increasing the stamp duty on the imported caramel gives Russian manufactures the definite advantages and makes life easier very much. However, in the case of further inactivity may lead to failure in the future. The companies that are going to win their audience and to reach a new level of development, it is necessary to make this effort just now.

What are the tendencies of the Russian exports, and what factors affect the market of the vegetable fat read in the article “The Sunflower Course”.

And what a consumer is waiting from the sweet drinks are telling the article “The Bubbly Mood”

The reader learns what drives a consumer’s motivation under the rubric “The Practice” in the article “The Emotional Branding”

A complex and multifaceted man’s nature is opening to the Marketing Specialists, the advertisers and the entrepreneurs a wide space for the activities. One of the directions is working with emotions and impact at them. A simplified scheme of work, thanks to which the use of the emotions does not lead to harm, is presented in the article.

of the magazine’s November issue. Namely there is illegal alcohol turnover in the Russia market.

About the peculiarities of the Russian buyer, about the traps for a consumer and how to find the right deal at the network in order to reach the provider and to conduct negotiation read under the rubric “The Market Square”.

magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod is still continuing to monitor actively the trends in the food market, expanding its capabilities and offering the latest and the most current information only. “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” are the ideas for business promotion.