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«Продвижение продовольствия.

The right to keep one's word


Overcoming of a chaos (including the informative) that has grasped the food industry
is possible through a constructive dialogue only, notably not only on the specialized events, but on the printed field also. The advertising-informative magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod” invites to an active dialogue between the producers of food and beverages and
the representatives of retail network.

The publication takes a role of the organizer of direct contact between suppliers and retail chains, thereby making an arena’s function, where meet and communicate trade experts, producers, public structure, and government officials.

It is a wonderful chance to solve the acute problems, to reach a consensus, to replace
weaknesses to strengths. For market stability, for success of its members they need publicity – especially under the modern circumstances of the informative technologies’ domination. The publicity – is certain guarantees also, and the responsibility of each party for their words, decisions and deeds. Provider must know what steps the retail make for traffic building in their retail outlets in order to avoid products’ turns up and what forms of marketing activity it shows to increase goods’ turnover. For supplier is no less important and the reputation of seller, his honesty towards consumer, steadfast attention to product’s sell-by date, for a presence of the necessary documentation, his willingness to work with high-quality goods exclusively. On the other hand, the retail is not less interested in open and truthful information about the supplier. The public communication of the supplier about their products is one of the guarantors of the quality of offered goods.

Industry-specific press – is a characteristic value of the supplier’s consistency. If the supplier does not have funds to build its communications strategy with trade, including communications through the specialized MSM, it means that it does not have funds to produce quality products, for stable supplies, for marketing activity, attracting consumer demand. Information that will be discussed in the magazine in view of establish new relationship between the market participants, will allow the suppliers to create new business proposals for the retail, which in its turn will be able to possess full information about the manufacturer, required for a decision. Increase in the range of products, its variety will give the buyer a possibility of a wide choice that will affect on the trade outlet’s publicity positively, on the quick goods’ turnover and on increase of profits of both sides.

The magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod” is informative platform, where the supplier and the trade representative may make a bargain, show their professionalism and commitment for providing the best products and service.

A horn loudspeaker is formed by the audience and the speakers, and recognition to it gives a force.

The magazine “Food Promotion Prod&Prod” encourages commercial structure, network retail, community and government organizations to open dialogue in the issue under the headings “The Market”, “The News”, “The Trading Squire”, “The State Regulation”, “ In the Focus” and “The International Experience”.

It is possible to make many differences in the society, if everyone takes a step towards.