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The Russian market of sweet fizzy drinks

The sales’ volumes of the lemonades and fizzy drinks are continuing to advance. The established market’s oligopoly impedes the promotion of the new manufacturers’ products, and a fashion for a healthy lifestyle demonstrates the increasing interest of the consumers to drink the premium beverages.

The readers of the magazine’s November issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” in the article “The Bubble Mood” will get to know: what are the consumers awaiting from the sweet fizzy drinks. The niche of the fizzy drinks and the lemonades is one of the most intensive and is the fastest growing Russian market of the cooling beverages. About 75% of the Russian citizens buy sweet fizzy drinks at least sometimes. The frequency of the consumption of the lemonades is strongly depended on the season and the region’s climate. The hot summer of 2011 year made the payers of the described industry to increase turnout of the goods and to invent the original ways to promote their products.

Two competing international manufacturers: The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo have long been holding the leading positions in the non-alcoholic sector. The brands, represented by these companies, are relied on the mass consumers, so the other manufacturers are competing easily in the premium segment or in the lower price category.

The editorial staff notes that interest in the expensive elite beverages is growing rapidly. The reader will get to know from the pages of the magazine about the reasons of this tendency.

The lemonades with familiar and loved since childhood names: “Tarhun”, “Buratino”, “Pinocchio", “Berberis”, “Cream Soda”, "Baikal", "Sayan" are dominated In the lowest-price segment. The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo have the brands “Fruktime” and "Fiesta", but here these brands are no longer competitive with the domestic ones. A consumer trust the Russian products, keeping in mind the taste of the fizzy drinks of the Soviet times, considering them less harmful if to compare with their international counterparts. A buyer (noticing the label with a picture of his favorite heroes from the Soviet cartoons) put in the basket completely artificial beverage confidently. A sugar substitute is used in the cheap "sparkling waters", one kilogram of which costs 10 dollars and is able to replace 200 kg of sugar that reduces cost of the goods significantly.

What problems are faced a novice producer read in the article. The consumer preferences are formed by many factors: quality, brand and “image” of the fizzy drinks are important. But the experts are sure that the taste properties of the lemonade are the determining factors for a consumer’s choosing. And a choice for a product, talking about the taste – “Orange”, “Cherry”, "Cream Soda" is the unmistakable marketing tool. According to the statistics of the “RosBusinessConsulting”, 40% of the Russians like orange fizzy drinks, 33% of the compatriots prefer cola then there are tastes of the Soviet "Cream Soda" and “Buratino”.

What the Marketing Specialists are advised according the title of the fizzy drinks and what factors are influenced the choice of the manufacturers toward packaging and what on do the programs of promotion are built build, read in the article “Bubble mood”.

And what do the Marketing Specialists think about the other food industries, the reader can always learn from the pages of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod”.