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Candy gift boxes and ways of promotion


Often, the best gift for unfamiliar people or bosses, especially if it is a woman, becomes a box of chocolates. This is no binding present, and at the same time – it a sign of attention. To date, there are many varieties of candies and packages. The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” presented an article on this subject in the latest January issue. In the article “The best gift” the magazine staff provides interesting facts and figures relating to such market’s segment as chocolates in a gift box. As reported in the article, sales of sweets in the package increase closer to the New Year holidays particularly. But, despite of its seasonality, gift candies with a Christmas theme can be seen in September already. Such situation has arisen due to the number of understandable reasons. When the New Year is coming everyone makes gifts, a cheap souvenir even though. The box of chocolates - is a universal gift for children and adults. Another factor - is a lack of time. It is much easier to go to the store and decide on a box of miscellaneous candies in a beautiful package than to invent a gift for a long time. Besides usual candies, the products in the form of chocolate bunnies, Santa Claus, Snow Maidens and other fairytale characters enjoy popularity progressively. Of course, all these products are interesting to children. The attractive packaging is more interested for adults.

According to the research of the company Euromonitor International, growth rate of the activities of the segment “chocolate sweets in the package” will be reducing significantly. This trend is linked to the crisis, which makes consumers to save. The interesting fact - the Russians spend differently buying different chocolate products. For example, the most money is spent on packaged candy. On the second place – there are bars of chocolate. On the third - candies in sets, which are purchased as a gift almost always.

The editorial staff gives up relevant information, it turns out, that our compatriots have its own policies when buying candies in the package for the New Year. Many people prefer to buy candies sold weighting out and nice package separately. It is believed that the candies in the package – it’s expensive. Another stereotype of the buyer – is non-well-handled products. Some fear that the candies may for be on a shelf a long time and turn out to be non-well-handled. Such consumer’s behaviour leads to a decrease of a demand. The Market of chocolates in the gift box has a number of features that are described in the article in detail. Its main feature - is seasonality. And it means the increased demand for the holidays and the decline of sales on the black-letter days. The bright and original packaging is important for the gift chocolates. The producers have to surprise their audience all the time, attract attention with the help of an unusual design decision. Indeed, the popularity of this or that product depends on its design largely. From the article “The best gift” you will also learn about the major players on the market of chocolates’ production, the leader in this field, and future trends. It can be said that the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” has conducted an investigation of chocolates in the fancy New Year package as marketing’s object.