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The champagne’s Market and ways of its promotion


The magazineFood Promotion. PROD & PROD” is a team of professionals in the field of food promotion. There is effective and reliable information on its pages. Combining an international experience and analyze of the existing trends, the magazine occupies a unique informational niche.

The December issue introduces the reader the marketing trends’ peculiarities of the champagne’s wines market.

According to the magazine’s Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” experts the champagne’s market is experiencing an era of major changes at the moment. The industry suggests the emergence and development of new components, the particular consumer culture and the definition of a product as part of the European traditions, values and standards.

The article points out that the champagne’s market has developed steadily over the last decade. The global financial crisis has not had a significant negative impact at the volumes of production. The experts note a positive trend - if a negative growth rate had pointed minus three percentages in 2008 y., it dropped to one percent in early 2010 y.

The Russian consumers prefer semi-sweet variety of champagne mostly - it accounts about 70% of sales.

The magazine’s specialists introduce statistics - the demand for champagne rises prior to the New Year holidays - that represents about 60 percent of annual sales. Nevertheless, the market absorbs about 300 million of bottles a year - and it is 2 bottles per person even taking into account the child population.

As reports the magazineFood Promotion. PROD & PROD” a new technical regulation will be considered and introduced of in the near future. This fact will have a significant impact on the powers’ balance in the market of the sparkling wines as well as will serve as an incentive to create new brands.

In the consumer’s mind the champagne is associated with the classical design of a bottle and a familiar taste: it is a wine with a gas of approximately fortress’s 12 degrees. But this standard set of identifiers does not match the traditional formula of the drink’s manufacture. Not everyone understands the difference between champagne and sparkling wine. The latter, unlike the invention of Dom Pérignon may be white and red or pink both. In addition, the champagne has much longer period of fermentation.

The increased demand for sparkling wines is traditionally seasonal in Russia these are winter and early spring. It should be noted that more consumers prefer the lower degree. It is a global trend - the author of the article stresses. Such changes eliminate the seasonal popularity of the product gradually and make the sparkling wines’ market very promising.

Because of the upcoming changes on the sparkling wines’ market the producers have to rethink their marketing strategies. Of course, the champagne will continue to occupy the niche of the traditional New Year’s attribute, but it is worth place stake on the young generation which does not have nostalgic attachments. It is necessary to create a brand which will be closed to consumers, which will reflect their lifestyle, holidays, relationship’s romantic.

The magazineFood Promotion. PROD & PROD” advises entrepreneurs to be flexible, creative, to be able to foresee and to create attractive a new image of the Russian sparkling wine.