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Cognac’s market and ways of its promotion


There is a certain tradition in our country long ago - to bring alcoholic beverages as a gift. The most popular of gifts has become the cognacs. This noble beverage is presented for a birthday party, as an appreciation for the service, as a sign of attention. Now this drink is not considered as a masculine purely. Do non-drinkers can afford a shot glass of the good cognac. It gives the feeling presentable and gentility for many. But in spite of its elitism the drink, beloved by many, a drink suffers a crisis.


The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” has told about situation and prospects of the cognac and brandy markets in the article “The Aristocrat from the barrel”. This magazine is monitoring developments and trends of the food market closely, summarizes and makes its own findings.

The article refers to the volatility of the domestic market. According to the editorial staff, cognac and brandy – is one of the most difficult segments of the alcohol market. Such problems are related to a lack of raw materials, limited advertising and a number of other reasons.
According to the magazine, the state does not realize the necessary efforts for the development of this industry currently and elementary unable to protect this market’s spectrum from the aspects of the “grey” economy. In addition, it complicates the work of cognac market by inefficient policy towards to customs duties, excise taxes and other market instruments.

Another important element, hindering the development of the alcohol market, namely cognac and brandy – it is a lack of necessary raw materials. As reported in the article, the domestic resource base is almost equal to zero to date. There are several explanations. First of all, massive clearance of vineyards 1985-87 years has not been passed without a trace. Second, it is a lack of logistical base for the cultivation and production of cognac. Third, there is the impact of manufacturing specifics of the drink.

However, in spite of all the difficulties of this market segment, the brandy and cognac market had being able to show steady growth during the crisis of 2008-2009. This situation is explained by several reasons, detailed in the article. The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” brings a lot of interesting facts and figures in the article “The Aristocrat from the barrel”. You can see the changes that overtook this market segment, from the table “Imports of cognac production in the Russian Federation in 2007-2009”.

The editorial staff has noticed peculiarities of the brandy’s and cognac’s intake in Russia very clearly. It is believed that a traditional alcoholic drink for Russia is vodka. Our compatriots have formed a stereotype ever since the Soviet Union. Cognac - is the expensive and elite drink. If you buy it, then, as a rule, it is connected with some holiday. This situation also hinders the process of making cognac and brandy market. More information about the development of the domestic alcohol industry, what are its features and prospects, read in the latest issue of the magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod”.