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The confectionery’s Market and ways of its promotion


The magazine Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” is the guide in the world of marketing and advertising techniques. The magazine’s experts continue to acquaint you with the most recent and relevant materials of food promotion. These time such promising segment of the confectionery’s market, as the chocolates in a gift box, is at the focus of the editorial. It occupies a separate niche and has its own unique features.

As the magazine reports, the confectionery’s market has been growing rapidly until 2008 y. Such tendency resulted in a significant competition in the market, the creation of large domestic holdings and the introduction of multinational companies took place.

It is logically to assume a slowdown during the financial crisis. Such drift was obvious for the chocolate market, but a segment of chocolates in a gift box turned out to be more resistant to the crisis and maintained a positive trend.

The magazine’s experts explain that the stability of the log position of this products’ group had place because of the Russian mentality’s features. A box of chocolates is usually bought as an affordable and high quality gift for friends, relatives or officials.

The chocolates could be bought for the holiday table, or in a case of guests arrive also.

Stable growth trends and high competition in the market force manufacturers to make more and more marketing and promotional efforts to attract consumers.

The article in the magazine Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” introduces us the four major trends of the promotion in this market segment:

The first – updated of a product line. This is a prerequisite for any company. It may include the extension of a flavorsline, the development of unusual shapes and fillings.


The other trend of promotion is packing renewal. Despite the fact that the most acceptable for the consumer are pickings of 200 to 500 grams, many manufacturers are moving towards reducing the balance. It gives a consumer the opportunity to try new tastes. The packing’s dressing is renovated as its mass. The luxury gift pickings, made to order, are becoming increasingly popular.

The third marketing trend is an unusual positioning. Most of the manufacturers present their products to the consumer as delicious”, elitist”, “the good giftand so on. The shift away from these stereotypes attracts attention and is remembered to the audience.

The fourth strategy is the uprising of super-premium product. The chocolate boutiques, the exclusive handmade products will be relevant always where there is a demand for the expensive and unusual gifts.

So, in the opinion of the editorial board of Food Promotion. PROD & PROD”, the chocolates in a gift box - the market segment that has high potential. With a sufficient attention to consumer preferences and characteristics of the domestic consumption of this product, its promotion can be rather successful.