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The environmentally pure products’ Market and ways of its promotion


The magazine: “Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” - is the most relevant, competent and updated information about the latest trends in the world of marketing and advertising. If you want to stay tuned about the recent trends in the field food promotion, it is impossible to do without this edition.

The urgency of the environmental problems is undoubted today. It is reflected on the pages of the December’s issue Food Promotion. PROD & PROD”.

Natural, organic and bio-products hold strong positions on the European shelves. The sales of the eco-products’ share is still small in a total turnover, but the annual growth of its acreage characterizes the eco-pure products as a topical and promising trend.

According to the magazine, the population of the earth has been reached 7 billion in 2010 y. The expected increasing in the number of the earth’s inhabitants is up to 9 billion by 2050 y. Quite naturally, that one of the major problems of modern civilization is to preserve the planet’s resources. Using an ecological production and natural methods of farming in the food industry can conserve the natural resources and improve human health.

The magazine: “Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” points that European countries are making significant efforts to promote the development and production of the environmentally pure products. The EU operates the strict legislation concerning organic production. Among its main tasks are:

  • Establishing the rules of production, labeling and quality control of the environmentally pure products
  • Consumer protection 
  • Consumers’ informing about the organic products, methods of its production and the benefits for human health and life.

Для того, чтобы получить разрешение на его использование, необходимо соответствие продукции следующим требованиям:

The article in the magazine: “Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” introduces the reader the pan-European agreement of the organic production. It regulates the standards of the organic farming, the livestock environmental regulations and controls labeling of the organic farming.

There is a single mandatory logo the so-called biolist for the environmentally pure products. In order to get permission to use it, the products’ correspondence with the following requirements is obligatorily.

  • The 95% of ingredients must be the organic origin
  • The products must be packaged in such a way as to change the content is possible when slashing packaging.

The article presents the data of Russian Business Consulting, according to which the turnover of the global bio-products’ market is 36.4 billion Euros, the average annual growth - 4 billion.

The global financial crisis has affected the market of environmentally pure products barely - there is a 10 percent increase in sales of the eco-products in Europe from 2008 y.

Due to the fact that environmentally pure products are subjected to careful monitoring, this segment of the market is calling consumer’s confidence.

The European Union attaches great importance to eco-products promoting.

The experts of the magazine give six major areas that exist in this area:

  • Organization and realization of the trade fairs
  • Bio-products’ international competitions
  • Products’ promotion through retail
  • Activities of the International Federation of the Organic Agriculture - assistance in the form of grants, realization independent researches
  • Consumer information
  • Development of eco-products’ delivery systems from producers to consumers directly.

The bio-products’ domestic market does not have an impressive scale of development yet. It is connected with the lack of agro-environmental legislation and the relatively small demand for such product. At the same time, there are certain prospects for such business in Russia. According to the sociological researches, more than 52% of Muscovites are willing to pay more for quality and safe products.

Go-to-the European market of the bio-products opens up great prospects for the countries of the Eastern Europe. Russia would surely occupy a niche of supplying bio-white straw crops, fish, seafood, honey, wild mushrooms, berries and nuts.

The magazine’s Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” editorial board determines the bio-products as a promising and growing sector of the domestic market. It may become a very profitable industry eventually with proper attention from the side of the public authorities and business community.