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The fruits’ and vegetables’ Market and ways of its promotion


The magazine’s Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” acquaints the readers with exclusive materials of food promotion. Such forward-looking and dynamic market segment as fruits and vegetables could not be overlooked by the edition’s professionals.

The domestic market of the horticultural products is stable and high capacious. It has its own clearly defined characteristics.

The article provides statistics, according to which the average index for the Russians appealing vegetables and melons is about 90 kilograms per capita per year.

At the same time, the best indices, recommended by doctors - 165 kilograms of vegetables and melons, and 80 kilograms of fruits and berries in a year. This indicates good prospects for this market segment and its attractiveness for the domestic consumers.

The experts of the magazine Food Promotion. PROD & PROD” note that Russia is one of the main importers of the horticultural products in the world. But due to the imperfections of the facilities and logistics, domestic products sell as fruit preservation mainly. The product of the domestic agricultural sector is quite competitive, but own crops’ storage conditions remain the main problem of this segment of the Russian market.

The editorial draws the reader’s attention to the fact that a significant impact on the market of fruit and vegetable products exert buyer’s personal and even historical preferences. If the European buyer sees the same level of a product quality and in the retail chains, and in the food markets, than there is a number of stereotypes in the minds of the domestic consumer.

According to the statistics, 12% of Russians prefer to buy fruits and vegetables at the so-called collective-farm markets, despite the sometimes questionable storage conditions and product quality. About 14% of buyers rely on vegetable tents. About 15% prefer convenience stores, because they have established good communication links. And only for 55% the type and amount of commercial enterprise are not principled values.

The article describes the changes that have had place in the market of the horticultural products in recent years. Previously, the main function of the fruits’ and vegetables’ departments in the shopping retailers was to create a customer flow. Now the sale of such products has acquired a mass character and can reach 10% of a turnover.

The range is extending, the products’ computation and departments’ designing are being under greater emphasis.

Instead the tools to attract buyers, fruits and vegetables departments have turned into an independent way to extract profit. Now seasonality, preferences and trends are taking into account while pricing.