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The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” is the ideal advertising platform for the product’s promotion



What information should be available to rule the world? And the separate company? The competitors are not sleeping, and the modern business person has to use the experience of the world leaders to respond to changes in the country rapidly and apply their skills into practice. The main rule is to be always up to date!

The magazine “Food promotion. Prod & Prod” knows everything about marketing and promotional technologies, used in the food industry. This is the magazine of a new time and a new format. It is already holds the leading positions in its niche firmly and has a high readers’ potential.

In each issue of “Food promotion. Prod & Prod” you will find only fresh and relevant information about the marketing technologies, the nuances of product promotion and the secrets of PR technologies. The first to know the exclusive news from the world markets presented by the Russia’s and broad’s leading specialists. Due to such efficiency and easy manner of information’s presentation, readership is growing every day, and with that the magazine transforms into a highly effective advertising platform.

From the unique in its content magazine’s articles, you’ll realize, that even with the minimal budget a successful advertising campaign can be organized. Use the ready-made schemes, calculations and charts. All information is in your hands, just use it.

The magazine “Food promotion. Prod & Prod" provides all the necessary materials for the successful existence in the food market.Useful and topical information is filed under the main headings such as «Current theme»,“News“Practice”,“Technologies”, “The Market Square”,“State regulation”and “The Global Experience”.

The magazine “Food promotion. Prod & Prod” is addressed to the industrial and trade companies’ top management of the Russia’s and CIS’s food market, as well as to the advertising and marketing agencies. Only here in an accessible form, you will find the most relevant and exclusive content, original ideas and practical advices. The magazine’s publishers make the product not only unique in its content, but also take care of promoting there own print advertising brand actively. Any significant press conference, summit, congress on the food market topic does not go without the participation of Prod & Prod. Where there is Prod & Prod, the delicate operation on a large-scale promotion takes its place always.

All of the activities of the magazine’s “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” publishers reach their goal, make the magazine recognizable, popular and are witnessed about the effectiveness of the magazine as the media partner. Each proposal will reach its destination.

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” is the ideal advertising platform for the product’s promotion.