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New trends in the packaging industry


What to does a potential client pay attention first and foremost? Choosing a product on the shelf, the buyer’s eye stops on the packaging. In order the consumer appreciated the quality of the goods and made the purchase, he should be interested. That is why the bright packaging – is one of the main components of successful sales.

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod”, highlighting new developments and recent trends of the food promotion, has posted an article about sensations of the packaging market, “The Magic of packaging”. The article describes the current trends and innovative technologies in the field of packaging. In ancient times, people preserved food in brown ware and basketries. With the development of mankind, the packaging has being changed. Today there are many types of the packaging: glassy, plastic, metallic, paper, cellophane. Persecuting higher sales, manufacturers rely on the packaging increasingly and develop their own know-how. As the magazine is reported, the main trend of this area is ecological compatibility, which nullifies the effect to the surrounding countryside. Many manufacturers try to focus on packaging’s appearance; the other attract consumers’ attention with the help of exotic innovations. However, there are producers, who are largely at their own risk, try to introduce to the market non-polluting packaging materials.

The manufacturers represent at the exhibitions the latest developments and innovations in the sphere of packing products. Here they share their experiences and learn about current trends. So, the next international exhibition of packing equipment “Wrappings. WrapItaliya-2011” took place in January. The innovative materials and the equipment of packaging creating were presented there. About all the brightest and the most significant innovations, occurring at the similar events in Russia and in the world, you can learn from the magazine. The magazine staff always follows the developments in the world of food promotion, marks the most important and first presents an exclusive material. The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” is in step with the times, and looks to the future all too often. In the article “The Magic of packaging” a current state of the packaging industry and its future trends are described. Some innovations will be demonstrated at the exhibition “Rosupak-2011” outwardly in June.

Environmentally friendly packaging – is a fairly new topic for the domestic market. There is already an active searching for new non-polluting materials and equipment in Europe and developed countries, while not all Russian producers have accepted this idea to the end. The editorial staff keeps a wary eye on the market’s changes always and is able to provide the most relevant topic for today timely. The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” has become a real guide in the world of marketing and food promotion. Each issue - is the exclusive information about the latest trends and developments on the food market