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Olives’ and olive oil’ Market and ways of its promotion


Olives became a familiar table’s ornament long ago. Attentive housewives are trying to prepare meals for their households using healthy extra virgin olive oil. The olives, without doubt, have become one of the most popular products in the world. Russia has not become the first consumer of this product yet, but is a promising market for this industry.

The magazine “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” in its first issue for 2011 year devoted to the review of such topics as the prospects of the olives and the olive oil in Russia one of its article. The article “The Tasty gold” tells about the global production of the olives, which have increased to 16% for the period 2000-2008 years. Italy, Spain, USA and Greece have been called the leaders for the consumption of this product. Russia is not listed, but the domestic market is among the fastest-growing and promising. The olives’ and the olive oil’ import is growing every year.

As reported in the article, Spain has become the main importer in Russia. 42% of European production is concentrated there. Greek oil, that is packaged and produced in Greece for the Russian manufacturer, has taken up strong stations in the market. This choice is justified. First and foremost, the Greek oil is considered to be one of the best in the world. Secondly, the product quality is regulated by the national legislation strictly. For example, it is prohibited to mix elite types and cheap oil in Greece. Thirdly, there is low level of acidity in the Greek oil that proves its quality once again. Spain has become a leader of olives’ market as well. It owns 96% of world exports.

In the magazine article shows a very interesting statistics. It turns out that in Russia the popularity of the olives is growing just before our eyes. Only in Moscow 40% of households buy the olives once every three months at least, in St. Petersburg - 27%, in Yekaterinburg - 30%. The consumers have liked the stuffed olives particularly. The consumption of the olive oil is 120-130 grams per person per year. These figures are already talking about the growth of the olive’s market in Russia Magazine staff talks about the positioning and promotion of this market segment. It is necessary to apply a series of targeted measured for its successful development. The majority of buyers know about the olives and their useful qualities little. Many Russians can not make difference between the olives and the black olives, even though these are fruits of one tree. One of the problems of the domestic olive’s and olive oil’s market – is wrong positioning. These products have been regarded elite for a long time, simply unaffordable for the average buyer at times. Today an emphasis is placed on the useful qualities of the olives and the olive oil. The third reason of lack development of the olive’s market – is the high price in stores. This is due to high duties and the release of the oil in glass containers that affects the cost also.
Removal these factors will lead to more rapid recovery and market’s development of the olives and the live oil in the country, the article “The Tasty gold” says.

The January issue of “Food Promotion. Prod&Prod” has gladdened the readers’ relevant and exclusive information. Read the article “The Tasty Gold” in more detail and you will be informed of all events taking place in the most promising industry.