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Overview of the issue January 2011


2011 year was marked by the new issue “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” for the business community, which is important to be aware of all the events taking place in the food market. The editorial staff always keeps a wary eye on all the developments and trends in the food market and is able to provide relevant information.

The magazine has pleased readers of innovation – the rubric “The Market” appeared in the subject matter from the beginning of the year. Materials of this rubric will be focused on different segments of the food market, overviews of specific industries, consumers’ preferences and marketing activities of manufacturers. You’ll find exclusive information about the major players of one or another industry; will learn about their ranking and position in the market in the rubric. Under the rubric “The Market” the magazine staff will report information about new segments and faces in the food market.

You’ll find articles on these topics: “The Aristocrat from the barrel” under the rubric “The Market”. This article describes such market segment as cognac and brandy. The article “The Best Gift” tells about the features of candy products in gift and Christmas packages as about a marketing’s object. “The Tasty gold” – is the name of the article about the world’s most popular products - olives and olive oil. Read more about the prospects of this market segment in the magazine’s January issue. Another immediate article of the rubric “The Market” – is “The Decoration of the table”. Here you will learn about trends of the domestic vodka market.

The Magazine “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” does not stop make its readers stare. You can find the latest and useful information in the heads, becoming traditional. Under the head “The Current theme” refers motivation of consumer behavior that makes person to buy this or that product.

The rubrics “Technology” and “The Practice” tell about the aspects of pressure on consumer’s choice and how to use them.

"The Market Square” informs readers important information about how to inspire consumer’s confidence, support demand and sales.

"The State regulation" introduces readers the bills of the state and the changes that have touched the food market.

Under the head “The World Experience” the editorial staff compares Russian trade with the international.

The subscribers can learn more about the content of the January issue’s articles.

The subscription has become rental since the beginning of the year. To read the magazine online you will be able just in three months after issue of the magazine. Read the latest issue of “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” and you will be stayed in known about all events of Russian and international markets.