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Coffee market and ways of its promotion

Despite of the crisis, coffee-lovers in Russia and around the world have not changed to their favourite drink. Coffee industry continues to flourish, allowing the main players to cement their position and the market’s newcomers to develop successfully.

The magazine: “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” presented to its readers an article “The Goldmine” about the coffee industry in the February issue. The editorial board tells about the economic potential and about the domestic coffee market’s the stability. As stated in the article, sales volume of coffee almost doubled over the past five years. To date, Russia head s the list of dry c offee extract’s consumption, leaving behind previously leading Japan.

The cost of this popular drink increased considerably in recent years, especially for the real coffee. The first increased the prices for high-quality varieties, the so-called the specialty. The cost for the premium product increased slightly, and almost no change for coffee of the economy class. Specialists of the marketing research company BusinesStat are predicting that by 2014 y., more than 96 million Russian citizens will drink coffee, and per capita consumption will be about 500 cups. While Russians drink dry coff ee extract more often, analysis of consumer preferences shows a tendency of reversal to the premium segment, ground coffee and cereal varieties. A notable trend of the coffee market has become positive dynamic of decaffei nated varieties. This witness about population’s caring about their health.

In the article “The Goldmine” the magazine’s editorial staff has put an emphasis on developing the coffee houses’ networks in Russia. For example, there are about three hundred of the coffee houses in Moscow. The number of coffee houses is considerably larger in St. P etersburg, but earnings are much less. Present-day consumer has become to understand coffee much more, and wants to drink a qualit ative drink, that promotes further development of this industry and the coffee houses.

The coffee houses’ network – is a rapidly developing area. In the most houses, clients are offered a range of drinks based on coffee. In addition to familiar cappuccino and latte, cocktails, desserts, tonic beverages that are based on different varieties of coffee are in the range of many coffee houses.

According to the editorial board, good prospects are waiting for the coffee market in Russia. The producers themselves make sure of this as well. Mexico and Colombia will start the programs of trees’ renewal and nurture of the new varieties coming spring. According to the experts, the demand and the supply will be only growing in the coming years. The investors are planning to invest and to develop all components of the coffee industry, including in Russia.

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