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Meat goods market and ways of its promotion

The magazine: “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” considers a theme that is very relevant to many - development and promotion of meat products in the domestic market, in the second issue of 2011. The magazine’s editorial board offers a look at the country’s bread and circuses through a prism of the meat products market in the article “Sausage’s index".

As it is reported in the article, the market of sau sage goods and luxury meats is a kind of indicator of a country’s purchasing power. The Russians have been happy to give preference to these products for a rather long time. And it is not surprising that there is a strong competition in this industry. The meet foods market depends on the several factors and shows a tendency to segmentation.

According to the year 2009, the relatively inexpensive products are in a high demand among consumers – these are cooked sausages of the first grade, sausag e links and frankf urters – are on the second place for a consumption, - smo ked meat products are on the third.

The magazine provides a very interesting fact – it turns out that consumption’s leaders of the sausage products are the Central and the Privolz hsky Federal Okrug. Thereby, Russia lags far behind the EU and North America for the meat foods’ consumption. For example, in Russia about 60 pounds of meat and meat products fall within per capita per year. While in the EU and America, this figure overruns 100 kg.

The magazine’s editorial staff notes the crisis’s effect onto the sausage industry, and says about the increasing of a poultry m eat’s percentage. In large measure, this trend is associated with acceptable to many quality-price ratios.

As it is stated in the magazine, the Russian market of the meat products has a number of special features. This market is quite capacious and rich. Due to the high level of competition, the market players are forced to focus on developing new and debugging of existing production technologies, exte nsion of distribution networks, pricing policies and strategic planning.

Also, the Russian market of meat products is characterized by a clear segmentation and price differentiation. The domestic market has its own spe cificity associated with the timing and the storage technologies of final  production. Finally, producers have to consider consumers preferences carefully.
The Russian market of meat products requires specific methods of promotion. Some experts in the field of marketing and promotion point that carrying tastings and promotions directly in the outlet brings a greater effect than massive advertising, even on television. It is subjected to delicacy products especially.
According to the magazine, the best strategy to promote is originality almost always. The meat foods market opens wide horizons for innovative solutions.

The magazine’s editorial staff believes that the appearance of fundamentally new commodity hea ding, niches and segments, as well as rationalizati on of production technologies, packaging and promotion can be predicted to the domestic market hand over  head. And ding -dong creative ideas will be appreciated first of all.

Read the article “Sausage’s index”, there you'll find a wealth of useful information and relevant facts. The magazine: “Food Promotion. Prod & Prod” is always in the middle of the events and is always happy to share information with you.